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Chapter One: Creation In the beginning the Primordial Great Crab rose from the ooze that gave birth to all life and sent forth its briny brood to spread throughout the newly born world. Eons past and the Great Crabs’ brood set in motion a great expansion of life, The Cambrian Explosion. As life began to thrive the Silurian Period began, life was everywhere, the Great Crab was pleased with its brood, but as time moved on the Great Crab prepared its departure from the world, it set forth its brood to build its monuments, statues, and temples. Once its legacy was etched in stone it left the world, only to return when needed most. As time went on, species evolved and then the first the mortals stumbled upon monuments to the Crab. As they read the inscriptions and viewed the Holy statues they uttered words that would live forever…"Hail the Great Crab!".

With the discovery of the Great Crab’s monuments many sought answers and many ventured the land and sea in order to explore the world in search for more statues and inscriptions, with them, the religion followed. Crabolitism spread through the land and people all over began to praise its glorious name. As time went on villages and kingdoms began to hail the Great Crab, Kingdoms built in its name, legends and myths told of its mighty deeds to the world.