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Known forBeing one of the only materials that can cut Demons, Devils, Undead, etc.

Celestium is a Heavenly material used by the Angels for their weapons.


Celestium is created when an Angel needs it. Sometimes the Angel itself does not know when or why it may need or use the Celestium, but it is usually in their best interest to bring it to a Celestiumsmith as soon as they can.

History of Item

Celestium has been the material used for many weapons crafted by Eloy(and other Celstiumsmiths) for weapons and tools against the legions of the Undead and Hell.

Special Traits

Celestium, when used correctly, can easily pierce the skin of Undead and Fiends

Current Usage/Location

Its current location on Alathra is unknown, though many suspect a Celestiumsmith has found his way to Arkendell.