Children Of Ember

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The Children of Ember is a religious organization founded by the Dragon Queen, Madame Evelyn Avaline I of Sciathanach. The followers of the faith are known as Children of Ember, The Children, or simply Emberites. Children of Ember follow a doctrine set by their founder that reads as such;

We are as the dragons are. We are to be wealthy, intelligent, and strong.
The dragons will protect us as long as we give tithe to them through the melting of gold at the ember of the dragons maw.
The Dragon Queen is the voice of the draconic gods, heed her guidance.
A silver tongue is always first, a sharpened claw is a last resort.
What a dragon does as one, we can do as all.

They believe that Dragons should be deified as well as feared, due to their imposing stature as well as their lifestyle of hording gold and treasures. Emberites believe that trade is the key to a powerful nation, and to be a powerful nation, you must be cunning and forceful. It is for this reason that the first Dragon Queen began building the state of Sciathanach, a city built with gold and jewels, erected to please the dragons that her people worshipped.