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Not much is remembered of the days before Dajeritsan was settled, but it was said in the old texts that they were told to set forth from the mountains by their god, Dajer, to settle the great planes of northern Prsata (which they then called Wabu Dajer, presumably meaning land of Dajer). The town consisted of a few buildings surrounded by a wood and earthen wall. Most notable of these structures was the Temple of Dajer. Though it has been rebuilt of grey stone brick, it was once made of glazed clay with elaborate patterns.

Post Settlement (will be expanded upon)

Dajeristan was eventually absorbed into the Imperian Empire, followed by the Draconis Imperium, but after a period of time broke free and became a free city again. Eventually Dajeristan would itself fall in time, after many residents had abandoned it.

The Revival of Dajeritsan

But Dajeristan would be reborn again some time later by MetroDaKing, and resettled by two of it's former inhabitants, NotoriousBLT and Falker Frost.

The mayor would then look to the city of Véizen Ásúon Age, to join them, and become part of what is now known as the nation of Gogúan Ásúon Ngola.

After a time, members of the nation had opted to temporarily remove Metro as mayor of Dajeristan, and place Falker Frost, the town's Librarian, as the new mayor.

After an influx of new residents, Dajeristan is now classed as a City, and it now has a Council which discuss issues concerning Dajeristan.


The Temple of Dajer


The Tower

The Tower of Dajeritsan is one of the older structures of Dajeritsan. none of its current residents know how old it is, but it had recently been coated with white plaster.

Castle Rysyra

This castle was built right around the time Dajeritsan was conquered by Imperia by NotoriousBLT63. He had left shortly after the town had been reclaimed, and after that it was torn down and another building was built in its place.

The Library of Dajeritsan

The Library of Dajeritsan housed all the ancient texts and many books written by citizens of Dajeritsan. It was also the home of Falker Frost, the town's librarian and last mayor as of now. After the second fall of Dajeritsan, many of the books are believed to have been transferred to other libraries around Alathra.


Dajeristan is located on the upper central portion of the Prsata continent, nestled along the river running south-to-north in the great plains.


Dajeristan being located in the great plains, is a naturally easy place to navigate and maneuver. Travel is done mostly by horse or foot.


Dajeristan is known for being accepting of all peoples, but claims Dajeri as its primary ethnic group.


The dominant culture of Dajeristan is Dajeri

Common Practice

It is customary to remove ones headwear upon entering someone's home, or a temple.

It is customary to offer bread to visitors of your home. But not so for frequent visitors.

It is customary to offer shelter to those without.


Though founded as a town worshipping Dajer, Dajeristan currently has no standing religion.


Dajeristan was founded as a Theocracy, but was moved to a Autocracy later in time. The current mayor is moving Dajeristan to become a Technocracy. The governing body is the Council of Dajeristan, which has the most highly positioned members of Dajer society.


Dajeristan used to have a market in the time of Hastatus, but does not currently export or import any goods.

Foreign Relations

Currently Dajeristan being apart of Gogúan Ásúon Ngola, follows their lead when it comes to foreign relations, but Dajeristani people tend to be neutral toward foreign nations and states.