Değli Taşhlar

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Değli Taşhlar is an urban sandstone city built on top, inside, and at the bottom of the Mırzak, the tallest mesa butte in all the sands of Alathra. It is the royal capital of The Imperious Siva Republic and was one of the first towns in Alathra, and the highest. It's well known for it's large capital palace of royal blue and gold, its spread of large Şhariarch manors which act a statue to the city's wealth and more specifically wealth inequality, compact sandstone houses clinging on any ledge they can grasp on the sides of the mesa, and the clumped and unmaintained slums scattered around the base of red stone.

Beginning of the Sivan Easrari

The Forming of the South-Adrazi Tribes

After The Great Adrazi Flood the Adrazi race was scattered to migrate into various new lands, those who had to flee south, found themselves in the Skraq ("blood desert"). The Adrazi who found themselves in this land of sand and dirt south of the mountains; unlike the other refugees, scattered into various locations which they deemed most survivable. Thus the Southern-Adrazi/Proto-Sivans where split into various tribes, these clans slowly became more and more isolationist and distrusting of another as the scouting for resources became more scarce. Soon wars and raids would be conducted on another as people were struggling to survive, at first from a flood but now from a lack of water, food, or any necessity. Soon however, these tribes would face a common threat.

Construction under the Duine Empire

The Duine Empire was an ancient expanding empire from the far west which stretched out into southern and eastern territories of [Continent name]. Although the Duine Empire had a large hold on the continent it mainly was centered in Skraq and the Kame and Devash regions. It's main mission was to assemble a strong Duinesh outpost city on the Mırzak as well as a strong naval port on the coastline. So in an effort to spread it's sphere of influence it assembled the various Southern-Adrazi tribes, either by trading resources for labor or more forceful means. At this point these Proto-Sivan tribes were split into 4 distinct regional clans:

  • Easrari - The Proto-Sivans native to the south-east coast of the Skraq and the region around the Mırzak, known for their fishing and warring culture, they where also the first and most willing group to be encompassed in the Duine Empire to gain resources and progress in building up a strong settlement for themselves, a decision they would later regret as they became the majority of the workforce for the hundreds of masons who perished while constructing Değli Taşhlar


Sivan Unionization & The Siege of The Red Sky

Lore about the Sivan rebellion

Geography of Değli Taşhlar & the Easram Region

Değli Taşhlar is the main city of the Easram Region it is built atop and around the Mırzak (the mesa: "Pillar of Fire") and stretches to the nearby coastline and the Jevash (Opal Sea / Salt Lake).