Deer massacre of 4 AC

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Wild buck

On May 30, 3 AC, the official Adventurer's Guild of Alathra announced of an expedition to discover more deer populations in the wilderness. Part of this expedition involved the general public, as the Guild put out a reward of 845 experience points to anyone who was able to prove having sighted a deer, the only method of which was to kill the deer in question. Due to XP being a valuable and scarce commodity, the public quest quickly became popular, drawing attention from townsfolk across all continents. By June 15, 4 AC, when the quest was removed, it is estimated that at least 500 bucks, does and fawns had been slaughtered across all of Alathra.

The exact count of deer deaths is unknown, as the Guild has not revealed its records concerning the quest. Although the greater deer population has slowly been recovering after the expedition was declared complete, it is yet to reach levels comparable to the pre-expedition period.