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Dryads primarily speak common. Although they have a native language, it has been slowly merged with common. Because of this many words are replaced with their old Drydaeic counterpart. Commonly these are nouns related to materials, objects, or plants.


Drydaeic stems from the mother tongue of all fae born Faethic. Faethic is the root language for all fae born languages and is believed to have been in existence for tens of millennia, ever since the gods of old freely roamed Alathra.

Common Words and Phrases

Subject Pronouns
Drydaeic Common
Icva I
Icna You
Icsha(su) He / (She)
Icno My
Incha(si) Your(s)
Icshu We
Invea(si) Our(s)
Icvea(su) His / (Hers)
Invar(si) They / (Theirs)
Common Words
Drydaeic Common
Ardin! Hello! / Greetings!
Bandae! Goodbye!
Raemusha Thank you
Naemushu You're Welcome
Raenvu Yes
Naevno No
Bicorvae! Of Course!
Allorae Love
Baerace Holy
Aoelthaea Great Tree
Comminae Common
Marcosae Who
Milliae What
Graeil Are
Fiae Time
Common Phrases
Drydaeic Common
Marcosae graeil icna? Who are you? / What is your name?
Milliae fiae? What time is it?
Example What land do you hail from?
Example How are you doing?
Example Do you understand?
Example I don't understand.