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Above is Valka, a Dark Vengir. This is a subspecies of Fae, more common than Dryads.
The Union of Leaves, where all Fae have been called to gather. Map created by Ines.

The Fae are, in definition, Forest Spirits. Creatures that exist in some capacity to act as protectors and voices for the Forests of Alathra. There are many different versions of Fae species, ranging from creatures boasting skin of bark and leaves of the very trees they serve—known as the Dryads, —to humanoid beings with varying sizes of feathered wings and curved horns—known as the Vengir. Within each subspecies are unique qualities of their own, depending on regions the Fae are raised in.

What makes a Fae also varies, based on experiences and subspecies. Many of the winged versions are dependent on born qualities in specific clans. This is often what determines the shade of feathers and shape of horns—like the Dark Vengir, whom are typically found in colder climates and dark forests. Others, such as the Dryad, require very specific environments to survive, often only found on the Warped Isles they call home.

Age Range: up to 600 years.

The Known Subspecies

The Vengir

The Vengir are the most common form of Fae, with large, feathered wings and horns to match. They are the most widely dispersed around all of Alathra and beyond, forming clans based on the climate they are raised in. They are a very closed off species, thriving within their tight-knit clans, and following their own gods to the specifics. They are creatures of habit and celebration, and thrive in storytelling, music and feasts. The Vengir are difficult to earn the trust of, but fiercely loyal to those they let in - and to those they guide. As Forest Spirits, the brave seeking to ally themselves with the forest will often find themselves face to face with a Vengir guardian. If they prove themselves, the Vengir will act as guides.

The Dryads

Note: See the Dryad Wiki for more specific details. This section is written by Aubri and updated by Atelo_.

Dryads (/ˈdraɪ.æd/;) are a humanoid race of people who currently reside on the island of Valtara. They are descended from the island of Lesbis, and now are believed to have at one point nearly gone extinct, reduced to only one final member of the species, Allorace Krino. The term Dryad originates from the old Fae name for the Spirits of the Forest, although it has come to describe the Dryads by outsiders. Dryads also have rough, woody skin with the texture of of a sapling's bark. They live in communal societies around and within Great Trees, forming orders. Dryads have become very talented at camouflaging with the forest around them, and can often be mistaken for a tree in the woods they reside.


Fae originate in clans of Forest Spirits, and are commonly mistaken for an Elven or fairy species. They follow gods specific to their clans.

The Vengir, or the winged and horned species of Fae, most notably follow the King of Dreams, Morphatae, Goddess of Nature, Frae, and God of Stories, Lakatae. They have monthly festivities that follow the cycles of the moon, and are known for their feasts and bonfires. The Dark Fae focus their religious divinations of the King of Dreams, as most of their magic originates from this deity. Though, all species of Fae are known to share one particular goddess: the Goddess of Nature. There are many names for her, from Frae (the Vengir) to Mathair (the Dryad's version). Another Dark Fae goddess, specific to a small number of clans, is the Witch - a figure of trickery.

Each god or goddess is specific to regions of clans, but there are many similarities within the Patheon. These similarities are coming to light as each Fae species is being called to the Warped Isles, where the Union of Leaves will begin unraveling centuries of history shrouded in time.

Fae are guides and are often called upon by their gods to assist those who seek out the comfort of the forests they dwell in; but it takes a lot to earn this level of trust. Fae are naturally protective of both their ecosystems and culture, but are typically willing to teach those who show an interest.

The Vengir Patheon

The God of Stories, Lakatae

Lakatae is the God of Stories. He is known to possess every story that has been created, thought about, lost to time - in a grand library tucked into the safety of his Realm. This sacred space is called the Archives, and he is revered by the Vengir as the Keeper of all things lore. Festivals in his honor typically happen in the colder months, as the comfort of stories around a fire is a huge part of Vengir existence. It is believed telling stories--especially during the colder months--will bring on a bountiful harvest and keep the Vengir clans safe through the toughest snowstorms.

Goddess of Nature, Frae - also known as Mathair (Dryads)

Frae is revered by all Fae species, though often she has names that vary depending on location. She is the Goddess of the Forests, the one that created the Dryad, that orders the Vengir to be guides to those who seek it. She is the Mother, the Earth, the comfort that comes when one sits beneath a grand oak. Frae is the most forgiving, mother-like god of all the Patheon, with an embrace that warms even the coldest hearts of the Dark Vengir. She has festivals centered around the Spring and Summer, but is often given offerings year-round -- for promises of better bounties.

King of Dreams, Morphatae

This god is mainly followed by the Dark Vengir. He is their highest revered, and his realm is dream and nightmares. The Dark Vengir’s magic is focused entirely on imbuing and siphoning--so instead of wielding the magic through themselves, the Dark Vengir siphon their own power into instruments (such as weapons and, in Valka’s case, prosthetics). The King of Dreams is only contacted through dreamwork and meditation, and often serves as a guide to the Dark Vengir that seek him out. Morphatae is also the most unpredictable of the Vengir gods. He is quick to anger and dangerous for this reason, often harshly punishing those of his closest followers if they are to ignore his call or displease him. For this reason, the main class of Vengir avoid him - but the Dark Vengir have embraced him.