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Destroyer of Worlds
Froggy traumatizing a regular Alathra player
Other namesThe Bringer of Death
Known forTraumatizing People

"Froggy" is a frog native to the jungles of Alathra. This small, innocuous-looking amphibian has earned its reputation as a true terror of the animal kingdom, as its mere appearance can cause trauma to those who lay eyes on it.

The Horror Frog has a distinctive green and yellow color, and its eyes are said to be devoid of any emotion or feeling, giving it a cold and calculating demeanor. It is said that Froggy has the ability to emit a high-pitched screeching noise that can cause physical pain to humans and other animals.

Despite its small size, the Horror Frog has been known to attack and kill animals much larger than itself, including birds and even snakes. Although it preferably likes to eat carrots, its powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth are capable of delivering a deadly bite that can cause intense pain and even paralysis.

Froggy's reputation as a traumatizing creature has earned it a place in Alathran folklore, with many stories and legends being told about its fearsome abilities. Local peoples are said to avoid areas where Froggy is known to dwell, and some even believe that the creature is possessed by an evil spirit.

Despite its terrifying reputation, Froggy has become a subject of interest among scientists and researchers, who are studying its unique physical and behavioral characteristics. While it is still a mysterious and elusive creature, Froggy has earned a place in the annals of natural history as one of the most fascinating and terrifying creatures to ever roam Alathra.