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ResidenceNoTown (Nowhere)
OccupationKing, Mage, Philosopher
Known forRebuilding Notown, Dying and then coming back to life, turning someone into a werewolf.
Home townUnknown
TitleKing of Nothing, The person from Nowhere
RelativesSon - Name unknown

Cousin - Ra'thra

Father - King Alexion III

Mother - Queen Aurtan

Isenhiem (GrimTheRedWolf) is a player who joined on the 18th of July, 2021. He is the former owner of Nowhere, a small town/island that was rebuilt and located in a cold frozen ocean, and formerly apart of the Federation of Arith.


Grim with his iconic lantern

One of the first thing people often note about Isenhiem's appearance is his "Kingly look" as he wears a red and gold robe and rusted copper crown. His eyes are a bright orange. He has a well kept beard and looks to be around middle aged. The clothes under his rode are stained with blood and a visible scar can be seen across his neck.

He stands at a hight of 6'4.

When he equips his armour he will be engulfed in flames until the fire shapes into an entire armour set. He can also summon a pair of draconic wings that are black in colour with a purple membrane.


Isenhiem joined Alathra on the 18th of July, however his story starts on the 19th as this is when he found himself in the middle of a snowy tundra, somewhere on Arith. He would later explore the continent and eventually found himself at HighTide where he met GreatLemi and Sheepboi. They allowed him to stay and Isenhiem stayed on the island for sometime, even setting up a small shack/stall to live in (which was later blow up), until leaving for good and setting up his new home at the ruins of NoTown. He rebuilt the town and renamed it Nowhere. He would later go on and join the FCA due to the fact that Nowhere was considered to be part of FCA territory. During the breakup of the FCA he remained with HighTide and would be one of the towns to join the Federation of Arith. However, he was threatened by war from Elyria, and due to his standing and views of the Federation at the time, he quickly left to become independent.


Isenhiem has shown to be able to use magic and is often seen and regarded as a wizard or mage. His abilities in magic are far above most but he isn't the best.


Isenhiem's skills in Alchemy are poor but he has shown the ability to transmute lead to gold and managed to create diamonds though he does this rarely. When it comes to potion making he is awful.

Spells and rituals

Isenhiem has shown extensive knowledge in spell craft and other similar forms of magic. He has shown the ability to use 4 spells. These being:

  • Creating a set of flaming armour
  • Creating a sword from fire
  • Creating a bow from fire
  • Summoning a pair of draconic wings

He has also shown the ability of basic pyromancy though can't be bothered to use it.

Isenhiem can also use runes to perform tasks such as weakening those in its radius.


Isenhiem is able to see the Other and spirits. And somewhat manipulate them. He has shown some experience in exorcism.


Isenhiem is highly knowledgeable in Biomancy and is well known for it. The entire town of Nowhere is covered in flesh growths that Isenhiem planted for protection. He also planted more hidden ones around places he frequents. However the growths have emerged and grown out of control in some places causing concern and anger. Most of them were delt with using special poisons.


The King's Tale - Early life

Isenhiem use to be the king of the Central Kingdom in Olgard. He was married and had a son. He was the first of his name to be the king. His reign was loved and had a wonderful life before tragedy striked. His wife became seriously ill and later died. The loss of Isenhiem's beloved caused him to be torn apart within. Soon after his son became ill and Isenhiem became desperate for help as he didn't want to lose son. He asked the gods for help but they all turned away, except for Hellsna. Hellsna wanted to get back at her brother, The Saint of fire, Elseir. She was jealous of him and so helped Isenhiem by telling him that he has to take the life of the newborn Princess Holly inorder to save his son.

Isenhiem travelled to the Northern Kingdom and successfully killed the newborn. The gods were enraged by this and decided to punish him. Elseir and the Tyrant of time put separate curses on him and banished Isenhiem to Alathra

Alathra - Later life

Isenhiem arrived at Alathra with no memory of who he was or where he came from. He travelled around before settling down and creating a town to escape the guilt he carried with him. During his time he had to figure out who he was and why he felt guilty for something he couldn't remember. Despite this he was able to produce great relationships with everyone.

After the Great war, Isenhiem fell into despair and worried about what could happen next. So, to help prove his point and fears about war he held a party where he would kill himself. Sadly it was successful after a failed attempt from Xolis trying to stop him. After this, Hellsna showed up and helped revive Isenhiem.

When he was revived the curses he possessed were removed and his memory returned. However something followed him from death. The combination of guilt and the trauma of death caused him to be mentally and spiritually weak. The presence of the entity wasn't known for some time however the way Isenhiem acted changed. He gained a greater interest in magic, especially biomancy. He started to collect dead bodies and attempted to perform experiments on people however Dessious stood in his way.

Eventually the entity gained part control over Isenhiem and made him plant growths of flesh around Alathra and Isenhiem soon found out. This caused him to be concerned and stressed as he tried to find a way to remove the entity and the growths. He was unable to do so and the entity caused him to attack and curse people before going missing after he and a Lethonian doctor ended fighting each other.

However he later appeared at camp null and rested there until he got better. He quickly returned to his home at Nowhere and got to work on a potion that would suppress the entity. However, the side effects caused him to become ill and weak to the point of being unable to do anything. After this he was able to send a letter to the world announcing the giveaway of the town of Nowhere.

The entity, now known as Ra'thra soon took full control over Isenhiem's body and started the Temple of Pater Carnis. The entire time, Isenhiem watched as he couldn't do a thing to stop him until he took temporary control over his own body and warned Aurelius of Ra'thra's plan. Soon after, he took his flaming sword and sacrificed himself in hopes of stopping Ra'thra but ultimately failed.

The curses

Isenhiem carried two curses on him. The first is his inability to see in the dark. Thus the reason why he would wear a lantern on his head. The second is the lack of memory. Isenhiem was often know for having a terrible memory and would forget things he had just done and mentioned. He also couldn't remember what he did before arriving at Alathra. All this is mentioned in the book he would often bring with him called "Grim's diary". In the book he refers to having a feeling of overwhelming guilt for something he has no idea he did. He also mentions the moon a lot as he often tells people that depending on the moon phase will depend on how he sees. He had asked for help from different people and had even tried removing the curses off himself with no luck.

However, after his resurrection, all the curses were removed and was able to remember everything.


Isenhiem was known for being friendly and disliked conflict. He is also extremely bad at fighting though will keep bones on him to summon dogs to fight if needed.

Despite having access to food, Isenhiem will willingly eat and consume rotten flesh, to everyones disgust. When asked about this he states "I don't know why I like it, I guess it's because it was the first thing I remember eating." He will often go zombie hunting to gain more rotten flesh.

Isenhiem is also known for travelling and has once explored almost all of Arith in a single day before going south. This often causes him to meet more people and become friends with them.

Isenhiem activity worships the Olgardian gods in hopes of redemption.


Isenhiem was at the meeting of Southada and Elyria and was the one the created Peach, the chicken of peace, by throwing an egg at Sherman.

Isenhiem told the FCA of Tartarus's meeting with King Eric of Elyria in hopes to join political support from the removal of Romanus Silva from the FCA before it split.

During the great war, Cottage_Goblin of Winterhallow seemingly killed Isenhiem's child, peach, and was unable to save them. Since then, Cottage_Goblin has been declared the only non-friend of Grim in the world untilit was revealed that Peachwas still alive. He is still unhappy about it.

Isenhiem is known by his titals; King of Nothing, Man from Nowhere, Friend to all, and formerly Lord of Wolves before he gave the title to Harrison.

A ship, called Peach, set sail south and was being prepared for a party where everyone was invited.

Isenhiem has contrasting views on happiness to Grandpa_boob.

While under the control of Ra'thra, Isenhiem cursed someone and made them a werewolf.