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The followers of Hourdun, commonly known as 'Druids', follow the teachings of the ancestors and gods. They believe that the dead should be honoured and remembered and nature should be protected. The druids are based on the south west continent and believe that there is no world away from theirs, having no knowledge of the other continents. This is mainly due to a lack of interest in exploration as they prefer a peaceful life. The Druids rarely venture out of Dzi Shing Rkang (Commonly known as the stone forest) and only do so for trade.



The druids believe in total equality among races. Because of this, different humanoid races are commonly seen among the druids. They normally consist of elves, dwarfs, orcs, beastfolk (animal people), humans and others.


Astrobeth's day

A day in which the druids celebrate the day in which Astrobeth defeated the evil entity. This day is celebrated with music, in the use of bagpipes, maracas, flutes, and other instruments. They also drink and hunt wild boar. It's said that celebrating this day helps keep the dark spirits away and protect the druids for another year.

The promise of rebirth

A day in which the druids celebrate the coming of spring. This day is celebrated by dancing and drinking wine. A common dance they do is the 'flower dance', a dance that is said to embody the growth and budding of a flower. It is a celebration that is said to bring fertility to the land. The end of the day is celebrated with the feast of a goat.

The war dance

It’s said in times of conflict, the druids do this ritual under a new moon. The warriors take up a strange dance and pray to the harubudu for a successful battle, and/or a peaceful journey to the afterlife.


A celebration of the birth of the world. The druids spend the day dancing, playing music, giving gifts, feasting upon lamb. They then spend the night in prayer and meditation.

The day of remembrance

A ritual celebration day for all druids to pray for their lost loved ones and ancestors. They give offerings to Old man bones in hopes of him keeping them safe from evil spirits and bad luck. It’s said that those who leave certain offerings to Old man bones' altar will be granted his favour

The rains of Turupuku

In times of drought, the druids will do this ritual in hopes of appeasing Turupuku. They will give offerings to his altar and will bang bottles in the air while dancing.

The wrath of Turupuku

When heavy storms occur, it’s said that Turupuku is fighting evil spirits. The druids will dorn their battle gear and dance while blowing horns to help empower Turupuku.

Trunik's hunt

When an eclipse occurs, it’s said that Trunik is hunting a deadly beast that threatens to bring ruin. The druids will light bonfires and play music using drums, rattles and other instruments.



The Druids, while peaceful, do have access to horrific curses that they can plague upon an individual or place. However, this is rarely done and only performed by experienced druids.

Mind of flies

This dreadful curse causes the victim to hear the buzzing of flies constantly for a month. After that month is over, fly larvae will begin growing inside the victim's body. They will eat the victim until fully grown and then leave the victim. The victim has a very low chance of survival.

Wrath of Garshesia

A terrible curse. Rather than affecting a single person, this curse effects an entire town or Kingdom. This curse being that no child can be born. In other words, only still borns shall be given.

Scorn of bones

Another terrible curse, this causes the first born of any family to suffer immeasurable pain, begging them for death.

Trunik's hate

This curse causes famine and hunger within an effected area.

Turupuku's anger

Druids use this curse to invoke storms on their enemies. It's said that these storms are like those on the ocean.

Larnvar's will

A curse that stirs up the mind of towns people, causing inner conflict within towns and Kingdoms.

Larnvar's justice

When a crime is committed, the druids use this curse to invoke justice. What this curses does to a person will depend on the crime committed.

Astrobeth's broken shield

This curse is unnoticeable at first, but only comes into effect when armies fight. It's said that the side who is cursed is incapable of defending themselves

Larnvar's broken sword

This curse works like Astrobeth's broken shield. However, instead the cursed side is incapable of winning any fight

Alakina's dreams

A dreadful and cruel curse, this causes the victim to be unable to ever sleep well. Often causing the victim many sleepless nights, often driving them insane.

Skin of worms

A cruel curse, the afflicted will constantly feel like they have worms under their skin when nothing is there. At first it is barely noticeable, but over time it gets worse. The victims often cut themselves to try and get the worms out.



Rituals are commonly performed by the druids, primarily on celebratory days. However, there are some rites that are done for other purposes.


Witch doctors who have a contract are able to revive the dead to certain degrees. Some raise the dead to use as servants, keeping them in a zombie like state. Others can fully revive them. Though, it comes at a cost.



The Harubudu are what the druids call their gods. Unlike typical pantheons where one god might be a parent to others, the Harubudu are all siblings born at the same time, but have no actual blood relationship. In fact, the Harubudu are rarely known to interact with each other.

Old man bones

Old man bones is a spirit of the underworld, death, choice, fathers and animals. Despite this, he is kind and gentle, and is often considered childish. His symbols are crossroads, dogs and walking sticks. He prefers offerings of candy, rum and cigars.

Lady Garshesia

Lady Garshesia is a spirit of nature, elements, plants, life, destiny and mothers. She is kind and caring. Her symbols are flowers, butterflies and wisps. She prefers offerings of cider, flowers and fire.


Turupuku is a spirit of weather, emotions, sea, travel and will. He is quick tempered and irritable. His symbols are boats, maps, stars and dolphins. He prefers offerings of bottles, fish and whisky.


Larnvar is a spirit of balance, light, darkness, souls, war and law. She is quiet and mysterious. Her symbols are scales, spears, crows and leaves. She prefers offerings of milk, feathers and apples.


Trunik is a spirit of the hunt, farming, fertility and wisdom. He is strong and mighty. His symbols are pomegranates, foxes, paper, scythes and wheat. He prefers offerings of wine, crops and bones.


Alakina is a spirit of time, changes, the number 3, the worlds and the mind. She is commonly depicted as three women of various ages. Her symbols are the moon, 3s, spiders and rocks. She prefers offerings of Jin, silver and melons.


Astrobeth is a spirit of protection, the guide of souls to the afterlife and creator of Rippers. They come in the form of either a man or a woman. Their symbols are Rippers, Bagpipes and shields. They prefer offerings of scrumpy, raw meat and crystals.


The Dajaburu are what some would call 'demons' or 'evil spirits'. They are creatures born of Malcarnis and seek only to bring entropy to the world. Because of this, the Druids actively find ways of fighting the Dajaburu via rituals and traditions. Nothing much is actually known about the Dajaburu, like how they were created and why they do what they do. The writings rarely mention the Dajaburu at all, despite the fact that they are important to the Hourdun religion.



The Hourdun druids have several traditions they perform. These form the heart of their culture and life.


Druids typically wear the same type of clothing, only varying when it comes to profession and personalising themselves. A normal druid will wear a brown robe that covers almost all the body and will have sacred moss somehow incorporated into their wear, typically in the form of an arm band. Jewellery will consist of bones, stones, bark, and shells and sacred moss is used as the thread.


The druids use face paint to identify their 'rank'. The markings are made from a paste and dye, the colour of which identifies the druid's profession.


A druids diet is quite simple. It consists of fruit, vegetables and fish. Only on certain days will the druids eat red meat in order to honour the dead or god of that day. The druids also partake in baking, having their own bread and cake recipes. They will often use ingredients of their environment, commonly incorporating Cocoa, fruit, honey etc. These foods are considered delicious by many.

Day-to-day life