Jharim Highmore

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"Intelligence is the defining factor of the human being. Those that lack it, have no place in this world."

Grand Lich
Jharim Highmore
The Voidborn
BornXaxkl Prime, The Void
Other namesThe Voidborn Lich
OccupationGrand Councilman
OrganizationThe Grand Lichdom
Known forEngineering
TitleScourge of the Void

Jharim Highmore is a proud man from the void city of Xaxkl Prime. Constantly teased by his peers growing up for his disdain for the magic permeating his home world, he has been rendered a cold, judgemental man that values people off of the value they contribute through their minds. He has invented many things, and was thrown out of the void following the Voidcrown incident. He has vowed to stop at nothing to conquer all in his path of establishing an empire to conquer the void once and for all.


Jharim hurries through the streets of his collapsing empire, knowing that he has made a fatal error. His attempt to neutralize the rotting chalice failed, and infact made it worse. The disease plagues his city in droves, and lacking a proper government response, they revolt. An empire, eons old, spanning time and space, was collapsing under one of the supposed long dead enemies of humanity. A mob, recognizing him, starts chasing him. Jharim is sprinting at this point, but it is futile. The mob caught him, and the emperor fell.

- Information recovered from the Hall of Rebirth


Jharim wakes up, knowing that he should be in hell for what he has done over the years. In confusion he looks around at an alabaster hall, filled with people similarly waking up. On one side of the room, a massive glowing purple door, heat radiating out. Above, the lights of something good and right shone down. Suddenly, people began moving towards either. Some flew up, some were dragged into the purple door, but the vast majority still stood in confusion. Thats when the room shattered. The illusions fell away, and it all went black.

Weeks pass. Nothing. Not a single scrap of sight nor sound.

Jharim wakes up in a manor house. He is not aware of anything anymore, not how he got here, nor who he is. He grows up in this house, his curiosity flourishing with the resources available to him. At a very young age, Jharim was inventing new things, and eventually he began to go to his school. He far outshined his peers academically, but when Jharim was 15, he had to begin combat training. Most of his classmates used their gifts they received. Abilities beyond what should be possible, arcing electricity, flight, speed beyond measure, fire, and many more were present. Jharim had nothing. Nothing but his own mind and strength, and that was paltry in the face of these people. He managed to win very few times, and when they did, the simply scoffed at him after reviving, teasing him for not having magic. After a year of this same situation, Jharim had enough. He took to his laboritories, and began to construct a material more powerful than anyone could believe. A metal called silent steel, it maintained shape through damage, neutralized magic, and was nigh indestructible. With this new material in his possession he constructed twin blades, nimble and strong. Nox Aeternae and Solis, he called them, and he got to work.

A strange land

Jharim wakes up on a mountain side, and looks around. His memories of where he was before are fading fast, but he still remembers he piercing black skies, and this has none of that. He picks himself up, steel plates grinding together, and takes a look towards the cerulean skies, so unlike his own.The green grass, and the vast expanse of rust red dunes both call to him, on either side of the mountain. Does he go and congregate with the locals, or does he go to the wild territories of the dunes, and forge out his own empire. Jharim chooses the latter, not one to be cowed by a daunting task, nor to be lorded over. As he descends down the mountain, a burned man appears behind him. His blood red skin and mouth barren of teeth lead Jharim to believe that this is some infernal creature, but then it speaks.

"Hello Jharim. You may not remember me, for I barely remember much of that place, but you made me."

"Forgive me if I don't remember you, but I cannot remember anything of the sort.", says Jharim.

"My memories are fading as well, but I remember the last seconds of it. The city burned around us, the ray of brilliant light shot from that infernal thing on your head smiting all it touched. I was standing near you, when you began to turn, and my flesh began to melt. It was agony.", the burned man continued in his now manic speech, "YOU BURNED ME, YOU MADE LIKE THIS, YOU BROUGHT ME FROM MY HOME, AND YOU WILL DIE FOR IT"

The man grabbed at a sword that came with him, and Jharim, desperately thinning for a weapon, looked down, and saw a clear sabre of diamond, and he picked it up, and through his might into a parry against the already descending sword. The man flew backward, and began to laugh.

"I see that I have met someone stronger than myself in this world. Very well Jharim. I am content to join you, but I could not take this, this disfigurement, from a stupid weakling, relying on silly magics to get by."

Jharim extended his hand, and met his first friend in this world. The man introduced himself as Moe, and they found a similar desire for power. As they climbed up one of the tall pillars of the mesa, a golem steps out of the reeds of the small lake at the top. It speaks in a grinding voice, and is seemingly animated by nothing, and produces an unintelligible sound. Jharim asks the thing to join, and it speaks again, more understandable this time, almost as if it is waking up, "Yes.".

The Founding of the Empire

The three friends stood at the top of a mountain, and surveyed all around them, looking for a suitable spot to carve out their own spot in history. Eventually, they found it. A small peninsula on the coast of Prsata was all they needed. They called the town Portage, and they began to build up walls and fortifications, docks, farms, homes, and ships, and had even more new friends join them. Jharim's old friend from the void, Bartholomew Aquis, stepped into the town square through a portal, black as the deepest of the nights. Additionally, a scientist by the name of Gibby joined them as well, who was quite confusing, as he liked to put on many costumes for the fun of it. These group of 5 built their proud city, and people began to notice. People flocked to the new city in the dunes, including their neighbor, Larry, who owned a ramshackle collection of red sandstone building by an oasis in the desert. However, not all people that noticed were friendly. Axaboble, M1n0s, and a powerful being known as Morgrim the Ancient visited with mal intent, and the band fought them off every time. But they decided enough was enough. Bartholomew and Moe soon split off, and constructed the mountain city of Castrum, and we officially formed the Xaxklian Imperium. Quickly getting a third town from their old friend, Larry, our empire grew rapidly, with very small population.

The Alliegience

"Morgrim comes under assault from the west. Kylindor is marching on the walls of the undead." Moe speaks his newest intelligence, and Jharim nods, contemplating.

"He has the gall to ask for our help after invading us?" He asks, watching his friend closely, wondering what compelled his friend to almost the equivalent of treason."

"They are offering money, something we desperately need at the moment, and I for one, would like to try my skills against the rest of this world."

Jharim nods, and says to take the offer. He knows how much Moe loves the artistry in war, to him a sword was like the quill to a poet. Every stroke bringing their idea to life, or death in Moe's case. Soon afterwards, Jharim opens a portal with some of the strange functions of his suit. He began looking into them immediately upon his arrival, and soon discovered a glowing square with reams of information beyond his understanding. What he did understand though, was the word "Damaged". This word popped up next to nearly everything on this square, and he figured not much of it. The ability to move at will throughout the world was good enough as is, he supposed. They step into the armory of the dreadfort, and look around, trying to ignore the screams of the bones clattering below. Instead, he focused on the sound of Anvils hammering crystal blades into shape, forming wonderous armor and weapons. A wizard sat by a small table of jet-black stone, with a book hovering above it, chanting incantations, and the armor toughened beyond what should be possible. A booming voice calls out, and they turn to a skeleton in war gear, flowing with the green energy of souls.

"I am Morgrim, and we need your help. Our little "Misunderstanding" on the coast can be forgotten in the face of wealth can't it?"

Jharim agrees, for he loves wealth and power more than anything in this world.

"Good, my friend. By all estimates, the Kylindorian army will arrive within a week, and we are hard at work in preparation. I hope that I am not making a mistake in bringing you here." Morgrim laughs, as he knows that we will not make a move in this infernal fortress, surrounded by legions of his most loyal followers.

The week passed quickly. Another of the towns in the alliance, a town called Uradon, was sieged by the army on the way over, and we beat them easily.

How that would change in only a few days' time.

The Siege

We didn't expect it to be over so fast. We began strong, holding out against the tide of the Army below, but then the cannons began their work. A massive gleaming contraption of copper and steel, it hurled iron through the walls with the force of a giant. Jharim made a mental note, and then got back to the defense of the new breach in the wall, and he thought of ideas as he fought. Eventually, the tides tore down the gates, and the fortress was no more, lost in the tide of men. Morgrim walks up to Jharim, asking if he can come down to live with them after the war ends. They agreed, and Jharim walked away, a new weapon in mind, and a small crystal in hand.


Nox Aeternae & Solis

Jharim's signature blades, he lost both of the original silent steel blades. Now, weapons of mere diamond, they are not nearly as effective, but still are effective. The primary weapon, Nox Aeternae, is a long diamond sabre, with an offhand dagger. The dagger is used defensively, and the sabre vice versa, in Jharim's personal weapon style.

The Voidconduit

An mechanical crossbow built into the statue, the Void Conduit is a powerful weapon, capable of unleashing the voids wrath.

The Voidcrown


Steele's Greatsword

A great silver sword, about 9 feet in length, about 1 foot in width. Constantly ablaze in a pure white fire, and with space cracking at its edge, this blade is extremely powerful, but is almost impossible to hold. (Requires a high roll to successfully swing in RP combat, usually instantly killing.


Magic Neutralization

Jharim's statue of silent steel neutralizes magic in a small area around it, breaking down most magic spells that arent a natural constant of the universe. Requires a hugely concentrated amount of soul energy, an requirement only filled within the void or a crystal formed from the death of an amalgam of souls. (Netherstar)


Jharim can use some functions of the statue to open a small portal to other places.

Silent Steel

Jharim invented the material of silent steel, a highly durable metal that can neutralize magic in an area around it. Jharim lives his life bound to a statue made of it.