Kaia Encounters The Wizard

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Kaia encounters the Wizard on a beach and recruits him to her crew, hoping to rekindle her long lost magic.


Characters: Kaia, The Wizard

Date of RP: 06-08-2022


Kaia: Kaia didn't want to stop, not when their destination was just along the shoreline. But after one of Methild's crewmates attempted to crash the ship into a reef, she was forced to to ensure the damage was minimal. The anchor was lowered in the open ocean outside of a small Lydoneian town. The captain went to shore with a handful of men including the traitor while the Quartermaster checked over the ship.

"Your blood will not have the privileges of being spilt on my deck, you will die here."

She stepped onto the sand and drew her blade. Behind her, the traitor was dragged to shore and forced to his knees.

"Was it worth it?"

Her knee bent down next to him and her voice whispered into his ear.

"Was your few seconds of bravery worth your life?"

The man trembled next to her, sweat and tears mixing before dropping into the sand. Her red lips curved into a wicked smile before standing and pointing the sword at his eyes, angled towards his brain.

"Normally my Quartermaster would handle this but it's been awhile since my blade was red."

A moment later, the blade drove through his eye and with a push, came through the otherside of his skull. The man dropped down into the sand, muddled with tears and blood. Kaia tilted the blade in the light of the moon, admiring the beauty.

Wizard: A firework shot into the air and the sky was littered with reds and golds

"Behold! The fantastical and mystical powers that I hold!"

In the distance at the town, a man in a yellow robe and pointed cone hat with black stars stood on a makeshift stage. He waved his hand and a small sparkling ball shot out to the sky. It exploded and the sky was lit up once again, this time with greens and blues. It was by now that one could see that this magic man was wearing a comedy mask with blushing red cheeks. Nothing could be seen underneath, not even his eyes

Kaia: The sky lit up, Kaia and her crew covering their faces out of instinct.

"Clove, return to the ship, tell Graves we are following those lights."

A woman nodded then hopped into the pirogue,. Kaia returned her sword to her waist to led the crew into the forest and towards the lights. As they neared a small town, the noise of a man yelling increased, as did the number of lights.

"Is he real?"

Kaia whispered to one of her crew, a slender gunner who simply shrugged. The woman had seen many fake sorcerers in her time, magicians as they were called. This display appeared to be nothing more than some form of fireworks.

Wizard: The man continued his display. Children watched in awe and wonder as this man conjured the fireworks from thin air.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. You have seen a part of what I can do. A mere display of my power. So let's end tonight's show with one hell of a bang!"

The man started to move his hands in such a strange way that only experienced sorcerers could see that his movements were thaumalogical gestures. Soon, a massive wyrm made of dazzling light and sparks formed and flew into the sky. It twisted and twirled until it reached the highest clouds. Then vanished. That was until a massive explosion of colours and lights lit up the sky. It sounded like thunder and sparks fell down like falling stars

Kaia: Kaia joined the crowd in clapping as she slowly pushed her way through until she was right by the stage, waiting for him to exit.

"Very nice spectacle there, you must tell me how you learned that!"

Her voice raised in pitch, sounding more excited. Wizard: The man stepped down off the stage. He turned to face the approaching woman

"Thank you thank you. You're too kind. And as for where I learned it, well I-"

He stopped for a second and scratched his head.

"Actually I can't remember. It was some arid place far far far from here."

A wiff of cotton candy emanated from him as he stood there thinking to himself

Kaia: "I come from a place far away as well, magic was very rare there. It was a nice reminder of home to see you perform."

She couldn't help but smile. As tough and strong as she was, Kaia always had a soft spot for magic like this. A young girl who used to be part of her crew would perform similar tricks.

"What else can you do?" Wizard: The man stopped thinking and tilted his head at her

"What else can I do? Why anything really my dear. I can do far far more than put on the greatest shows."

He waved his hand once again and fireflies lit up all around them.

"I am Wizard. Third chair of the court of Rulfisethiem."

He let out his hand to shake hers. What was strange about it, however, was the fact that his skin was pitch black

Kaia: "Captain Kaia Azure, pleasure to meet you."

Kaia shook his hand, noticing the strange color. She had only met one normal, human in her time here. Everyone else was grey, blue, and now black.

"What do you know of shifting states of matter?"

Wizard: Wizard seemed to giggle

"Shifting matter? Why indeed! How do you think I made those fireworks?"

Wizard took back his hand and pointed behind the stage.

"See. Nothing. I created that display from thin air. I only used the world around me to create it."

Kaia: "What about metal into liquid? Would that be within your skillset?"

She stepped slightly closer, blocking vision of others with her brimmed hat. Who to trust was unknown to her, so she lowered her voice to be safe.

Wizard: "Solid to liquid, air to solid, liquid to plasma. I can do all of that. But if you wanted to turn metal into a liquid you just need to heat it up!"

Wizard laughed to himself before shortly stopping Kaia: "I have a tricky request, but my crew doesn't have much money nor valuables, almost all was lost when we came to these lands."

Kaia knew there wasn't much hope for getting a spell as complex as this one for free. She had asked every wizard she had seen and all refused, hope was dwindling.

"This metal I have, I need it to be transformed into a liquid that will go into our bodies, enhanced with the ability to turn into a solid weapon at will. My crew had long held their weapons in tattoos however the magic was different. When we crossed into this realm, it vanished."

Kaia shows her arms, empty spaces where tattoos of daggers once rested show.

Wizard: Wizard thought to himself for a second. Indeed a spell such as this would cost them, however Wizard had little to no need for material wealth

"Crew you say? Tell you what, I will do the spell. But you must take me along with you on your ship. The fourth member of our court is probably around somewhere and I need to find her."

Kaia: "We will discuss specific terms later, when I have parchment but for now, I gladly welcome your magic aboard our ship!"

Kaia waved over one of her crew, a strong woman with one eye.

"Toast, fetch the metals and gather the crew. Tonight, we become one step closer to becoming whole again!"

The woman laughed heartily then began her tasks. Kaia turned back towards the wizard.

"Shall we head aboard to perform the spell?" Wizard: "Just as long as your ship has a door. Apart from that, lead the way!"

Wizard waved his hand and the stage he performed on turned to dust and dirt Kaia: Upon their arrival, Kaia and the Wizard would find the crew assembled below deck, surrounding piles of netherite.

"There's a door for you."

She pointed behind the chef to the cellar door.

"The last wizard required strands of our hair which was mixed with the metal and threaded into our skins." Wizard: Wizard pondered to himself and would shake his head

"For the life of me I can't remember the spell. I'll need to go to my library to check."

Wizard pulled out an old, golden, ornate key from his robe and stuck the key into the door. He turned the key and opened the door. However, instead of the cellar room, a massive library could be seen.

"My magic key never fails me!" Kaia: Kaia peeked over his shoulder to find more books. Did everyone here have so many books? Perhaps she should have tried to steal Methild's.

"Quite the collection you have...... We will wait here, I don't quite trust the hands of my crew amongst valuables like those."

Wizard: Wizard walked into the library and vanished amongst the shelves. An hour had passed before he returned, holding a strange book in his hand. As he exists the library the door behind him closed and the key flew into his robe.

"Sorry for the long wait. Lots to go though and all that. If you didn't know the layout of that place you'd get lost."

Kaia: Kaia and her crew had now spread out a bit more, some slept, others had began a game of liars dice, all still waiting.

"When you are ready, lets get this started."

She walked up to meet the wizard.

Wizard: Wizard opened the book. Energy spilled out of it and sparks lit up the air

"First, the metal you desire to use. And second, a vile of blood from each of those who will use the metal."

He spoke in a more sinister tone. It was now one could tell that a darker side lay beneath the Wizard's guise of sparkles and lights

Kaia: A large woman dropped the crates of netherite at the Wizard's feet, then stepped back and Kaia walked forward. The captain pulled out a dagger and cut a thin line on her arm, grabbed a vile, and filled it up. The rest of the crew began to follow in suit, each filling a vile. A total of ten crew members were allowed to participate, the rest were sent to the upper decks. Kaia had no reason to reward those of Methild's old crew especially after one betrayed her earlier.

Once all had filled a vile, the stood in front of the Wizard holding the containers.

"And now?"

Wizard: "Now, you stay still."

The book Wizard was holding floated into the air. Sparks of arcane energy bolted from the magical book and the blood in all the vials began to bubble and boil. Wizard lifted his hand up and all the vials broke, the boiling blood was floating in the air as a pulsating mass. A feverish chill filled the air and the wind began to pick up. Wizard gently lifted his other hand and the netherite began to heat up and liquify. At last, a gesture was made and balls of molten netherite combined with the boiling blood.

"The substance you wanted has been made."

With one final gesture Wizard finished the spell and the magical alloy was contained in glass bottles of ornate design that appeared from nothingness. The leftover netherite rested in a solidified mess on the floor

"I hope it's to your liking."

Kaia: Kaia gingerly moved her bottle around, holding the glass up to the light of a lantern to further observe it's contents.


Her voice was soft, amazed at the sight of the Wizards feat.

"You are incredible, thank you sir."

A young girl ran between each crew members with a set of wax seals, marking each bottle with the appropriate marking. Once Kaia's was taken, the captain stuck her hand out to the wizard.

"Welcome to the crew Wizard, we are very glad to have you aboard."

Wizard: The Book returned to Wizard's hands and he placed it under his arm. He then shook her hand and bowed his head.

"You have my services until my mission is completed."