Kirk Bailey

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Kirk Bailey
of Lethos
BornSometime early-autumn, 58 years old
Known forCommandeering merchant vessels
Height5'10" (178cm)
TitleSkipper of Lethos
Parent(s)Augustus Bailey [Deceased] Sylvia Bailey [Deceased]

Kirk Bailey is a seafarer from Lethos.


Early Life

Kirk was born into a small human village in Phenos, losing his mother during his birth. In his teen years he became best friends with Dagon Briarwood, who recently was transported to Phenos through a mysterious time-space rift.

Arriving in Alathra

After many years of sailing the seas, acquiring goods across the seas, Kirk grew lonely in Phenos after the passing of his close friend Dagon. He remembered years ago hearing from him about a portal nearby that Dagon had said a majority of Lethonians had left through. Fearing it originally, he decided now was as good of a time as any to possibly start a new life somewhere else.

Political Beliefs

Kirk never really cared about politics, thus never really formed much of an opinion on the subject.


Kirk didn't involve himself in religion, being as his father was a non-religious person. He always has questioned if there was some sort of higher being that overlooked everything though.