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                                                      == History ==

In a world vastly different from this. The skies are reddish purple, and hold three suns instead of one. Four moons litter the lightly illuminated night skies. The lands are lush with primeval jungles, abruptly cutting on in to long expanses of golden sands or towering mountain ranges. In this world, one of the most powerful species, are the Kor-uk as they call themselves, the Kor-uk, "kin-kind" in Alathra's language. Known for warring amongst themselves, Chiefs fall often and are replaced by younger ambitious. Chiefs, who fall in a few years as well in the same way. The Kor-uk dominate the badlands, barren places between mountain ranges and deserts no other species in their world can live long term in. Making advancements as one of the only three sentient species of their world, they created cities, weapons crudely forged out of the tough metals they gather, and war amongst themselves when not fighting off the other two species to keep themselves strong and cull out their weak.

In time, Shamans started to develop, practicing the archaic magic of that world, and able to make gate ways in to other worlds. New species to fight and war against, for a time, as these gates never last more then a few days at most, thus, the warriors would always return home, especially after making sure they meant no true ill will against those they fought, only seeking a challenge to grow stronger themselves.

One Chief, Grall Stone-tusk, not wanting to claim a throne already present, decided to take three ships, and sail to the jungles, where one of the enemy species live, and carve out territory there. Unbeknownst to be, the shaman's magic of creating gateways did seem to leave backlash, as a storm unlike any other appears, striking down their ships, despite their best efforts to weather it. When they awaken, they find a world with a peaceful blue sky, one star and moon, and a seemingly empty land to build a settlement on while they recoup their losses.

                                                     == Appearance ==

The Kor-uk are tall, ranging anywhere from six feet, to near nine feet at tallest once they reach adulthood. Their frame is humanoid, and filled with muscle mass, making them seem like dangerous foes to anger, and that they are. From the bottom of their mouths can grow two large tusks, some may develop a second pair of smaller tusks next to them. Skin colors can range from green, red, tan, black, blue, and even white, while their hear grows as normal as any human's on their head, though often shaved and styled when choosing to decorate their hair. Their eyes can range to nearly any known color, while their blood is as red as a human's, if not more so.

                                                      == Culture ==

The Kor-uk are a culture both divided, and united at the same time. Clans form, often with a blue skinned orc creating and leading them, putting themselves in groups that tend to fight each other despite living next to one another, all under the rule of a Chieftan or War Chief. Despite being at each other's throat one day, the next they may be gratefully fighting along one another hunting a powerful animal to help feed themselves and others. A red skinned warrior may even set down his weapon to help a farmer plant and harvest, even after taking the town the farmer lived in. The Kor-uk believe that violence and aggression, go hand in hand with community and kinship, always striving to better themselves, and those around them. While brutish in culture and a bit in nature, they are not dumb barbarians. They often write when they can, practicing language, be it their, or the language from this new world. Many tan and blue skinned Uk, also practice philosophy, and morality, trying to always change where needed without abandoning tradition and culture.

Tradition wise, the Kor-uk also possess a caste system. While the caste system is just a traditional relic, it still plays some level of expectation, but never locked in that caste.

Green skinned Uk are expected to do nothing more then menial labor. Harvest and grow fields, fetch resources and supplies to where they need to be, clear out space for construction, and the like. Green Uk are no less capable then a Red Uk in combat with the proper training and knowledge however, or no less skilled in a trade then a Black Uk.

Black skinned Uk are expected to be tradesmen. Smiths, shipwrights, woodworkers, architects, stone masons, and other useful trades to support the clans.

Red skinned Uk are generally taller and more prepared for battle with slightly different muscle frames, and often are more aggressive. They make up the majority of the Clan's might.

Tan/Beige skinned Uk are often viewed as wise men, shamans. The ones who practice mind over might. They have an easier time tapping in to magic, and can create portals within reason, but can not choose where to.

Blue skinned Uk are unique, in that they, and they alone, can rule and create clans. Because of this, if there are many Blue Uk around, they will often fight for power and control.

White skinned Uk, These Uk are seen as a bad omen......or were seen as one. White Uk are albino, thus the harsh days often left them near blinded and weak, useless for most things, thus would weaken a Clan. White Uk were labeled as outcasts, unwanted and needed, but they were still Uk, thus they are often banished instead of killed once they reach adulthood.

At lastly, Outlanders. Outlanders are any non Uk who fall under the Clan's rule. They are treated as Green Uk, with the exception on not being able to be a Shaman or wiseman without fully understanding the culture, history, and tradition of the Kor-uk.