Lanoit Culture

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At the beginning of time, only one species or sub-variant of endermen existed - the Xztic, or 'the ones who jump'. Endermen terrorized the overworld's developing races through their life cycles, but, by chance, a lone enderman glitched its way into the nether. Eventually losing its teleportation abilities, the lone enderman evolved into the first Lanoiti, a more intelligent, silent, and less rageful version of the previous enderman. With a more humanoid form, it began to take on aspects of its home biome, the soul sand valley, with its eyes changing color and gaining resistance to soul fire, but during this evolvement was bound to the realm of the nether for millennia. By miracle, the Lanoiti came into being in the overworld parallel the magical, necrotic growth of the nether tree Ijainti, and as it grew, the more the first Lanoiti was able to bridge the rift between worlds. Lanoitii attribute their ability to speak and participate in civil life, as well as their extreme intelligence, to the mother tree.

Racial Features

The First Lanoiti

The Lanoiti are a race of humanoid endermen that are physically affected by the realms which they possess, taking on some of the qualities of their immediate surroundings.

  • The average stature is near 7 feet, 5 inches.
  • The average weight is within 75 pounds.
  • The Lanoiti are not gendered due to asexual reproduction.
  • The average speed is that of a human - 5.612 m/s.
  • The average speed at which the Lanoiti can form neural connections is about 5.6x times the speed of a human.


The Lanoiti are accompanied by a variety of per-say 'ethnicities' due to genetic mutation during asexual reproduction, the first of being the Cxitn, who, quite literally, came in to being first out of all the subsequent races. The Cxitn are the second-most populous variation of Lanoiti, and often claim to be the homage race of The First, stating the The First left the tribe during development. The various sub-catagories of races are often unified by coalition government in opposition of the Lanoitii with the Cxitn, who are generally more populous than the rest of the sub races, but are known often to drift sides to support tribally-benefitting laws.

List of Sub-Races; by closest physiological association to predecessor

Lanoiti and Sub-Races
  • Lanoiti (Lan-wah) - The original race of endermanic mutations.
    • The Lanoiti settled in the Soul Sand biomes, therefore taking on the characteristics of blue fire ringing both feet and arms, as well as blue eyes by high burn rates at first by the Lanoiti but eventually building up a tolerance. The Lanoiti tend to seek government jobs, although they are very much known for their creative building capabilities, such as the Ijainti Village and the nether village. The First, otherwise known as 'the wanderer' or 'father of offspring', belongs to the tribe, and holds significant political sway over the nation due to the power invested in him by the people for bridging the rift between Ijainti and the nether.
    • Hjoztl (Hottle) - Similar to the Lanoiti, but occupational of the Basalt Flats prior to the breach.
      • Coexisting with the Lanoiti rather peacefully, this ethnicity, characterized by a grey, stony buildup ringing the feet and hands, actually merged with the Lanoiti during the tribal wars. The Hjoztl contain more white-collar, administrative occupations than not, but tend to stray away from military jobs/ endevours.
    • Ojzoitx (Shoi-tic) - A variation of Lanoiti who lost part of their ability to bridge formal neurons at the same, accelerated speed.
      • Often known for being skilled 'craftsmen' due to an inability to innovate at a rate comparable to the other races, the Ojzoitx are regarded as more of a labor class, with frequent occurrences in mining and basic construction occupations, but can be found operating businesses often. They are characterized by blue fire licking at their feet and blue eyes, similarly to the Lanoiti.
Cxitn and Sub-Races
  • Cxitn (Synt) - The first deviation of the Lanoiti, these variations are more physically adept and just as intelligent as their predecessors.
    • The Cxitn settled in the opposite biome of the Lanoiti, the Crimson forests, lay claim to The First, and are characterized by red wart growths around both feet and hands in a thin, lichen-type spread and red eyes. Cxitni will often be spotted in enchanted gold armor, a remnant of their relationship which formed with Piglins while they were in the nether prior to the breach. Due to this, the Cxitni also value Soul Speed, Spectral Arrows, and Crying Obsidian with an almost religious fervor. Most of the Cxitn prefer going into military occupations, although many go into government jobs to protest the intolerable conditions which with the Lanoiti treat their sub-races.
    • Zlotx (Slot-ic) - an ethnicity that lost the ability to form neurons at the same accelerated pace as the Lanoiti while keeping their physicality.
      • Zlotx are known for being more physically adept at laborious jobs, such as mining, woodcutting, and fighting, hence the Zlotx ethnicity is seen more often as a blue-collar class. The discrimination which occurs towards the sub-class is strong, with most other sub-races besides the peace-loving Hjoztl believing that the Zlotx should not continue propagating with government support. Yet, the Zlotx, who settled in the nether wastes, played instrumental roles in the tribal wars for multiple sides, finding often temporary support from the other tribes. The Zlotx are characterized by stony red buildup around the base of their arms, as well as red eyes, and are the closest form of Lanoit to humans.
    • Jxatnbi (Jant-bee) - A variation of the Cxitn who are physically and mentally identical, but are inclined towards adapting to other cultures.
      • The Jxatnbi are one of two sub-races that are characterized by overworld adaptations, with grass growth occurring around the feet and hands, and green eyes forming where there are otherwise crimson/ blue. Jxatnbii are the only of the tribal races which came into being post-bridging, forming shortly after the migration, leading them to be the only race which has a fascination with the multiple species of the overworld. The Jxatnbi tend to take merchant jobs or agricultural jobs such as farming, but are known to take government positions dealing with foreign affairs, such as emissary or ambassador at the behest of the Cointali (Lanoit Parliament).
    • Xzotic (Zho-tic) - A variation of the Cxitn who devolved backwards towards Xztic genetics, causing less intelligence, more rage, and physicality.
      • The Xzotic are similar to the Ojzoitx in neural capabilities, but lack the emotional suppression which the other races have, often leading to excursions in which the Xzotic are the aggressors upon other tribes. The Xzotic are responsible for the Tribal Wars, and are often seen post-bridging as the expansive force of the culture, since they tend for more expansive military jobs, like soldier, and were the first tribe to bridge the rift after The First, even before the Lanoiti. They are characterized by sand which has spread up the limbs from the base of the hands and feet.


Many of the Lanoit Tribal Races speak different dialects based on the regions which they have nurtured themselves in. However, there are two common languages which most of the tribes speak:

  • Ijainti
  • Lanoit

These two languages were born of necessity - Ijainti rose from a need to communicate to the mother tree (the tree that supplied them life in the overworld), and Lanoit came from the need to unify following the tribal wars, and with it already being the natural dialogue of the Lanoiti and known to the Hjoztl, it became a natural choice to expand with political persuasion and debate. Other races have specialized dialects which they may be literate in, and some which they may comprehend, but these two languages are generally the most prolific. Other languages that Lanoit/ Endermanic creatures may understand include:

  • Common
    • Standard
    • Latin
  • Elvish
  • Faraie
  • Orc
  • Gnomish
  • Aitectli