Lothian of Lordan

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Lothian is a Male, High Elf, which has pale skin and golden eyes. His ears and other features are hidden but still identifiable under a white and golden, silk robe. Underneath the robe, a set of dark metallic armour can be seen covering the head, chest and legs.


He is a sceptical person when meeting new people and doesn't like to hand out his trust so easily. Whilst this is the case, he upholds a formal attitude whenever engaging in a conversation. Despite this he is usually quite relaxed whilst talking providing people do not inquire into personal matters.

Life so far

Life before Alathra

Lothian’s exact previous whereabouts before arriving in Alathra is unknown to anyone but himself, due to his secretive attitude he does not speak of his origins before arriving in Alathra on the region of Koganon. However, it can be inferred that he came from a somewhat noble background due to his preferred choice of tongue. Additionally whilst his species is known for their great feats in combat, it is more than clear he doesn’t excel in that area, it is quite noticeable that instead he instead has a great interest in architecture.

Settling on Koganon

Upon reaching the region of Koganon, Lothian decided to form a town under the name of Lordan. From there at a rapid pace he decided to build a town which would impress those who witness its beauty, as he takes pride in his buildings. Since then he has mainly been living a life of solitude hardly seeing people despite his large town. After residing in Arcadia for a while, Lothian has departed from his town and the nation as a whole to move elsewhere in the world. He has not been seen since.



This is the town Lothian formed upon settling on Alathra.

The Arcadian Altanate

Lothian after creating his town 'Lordan', he was visited by people from the nation the "Arcadian Altanate." He was offered the choice of joining Arcadia and accepted.