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Lucas20065 is a player that joined the server December 29th 2021 and so far has only played as one character, namely Mandala. This Is WIP

Character information Name: Mandala Age:25 race:human


Mandala was just a humble village boy that lived at a lonesome village named Gurugwa with his parents. His relationship with his family was well but one day, he came into a large fight with his father after he was part of an incident in which his little brother nearly died. This escalated and soon, his father disowned him and sent him away in a fit of rage. Now on his own, he ventured through the land, just trying to keep his head afloat and his body warm during the cold nights.

One day, he found a little town called Jotunstan. Nearly starved and suffering from a case of frostbite, he ran into it, hoping to find at least some temporary shelter from the cold. To his luck, a dark lef named Eldae offered him a home that he gladly accepted.

Unknown to him, his birthplace has been destroyed by a large flood. The status of his family is unknown.