Lucius Colskare

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Lucius is a caucasian human with brown messy hair and hazel brown eyes, he stands about 5’10 with decently broad shoulders. From working on a sailboat for nearly 7 years he has kept himself in decent shape, as he is now 36 years old. He wears a metallic grey chest plate that is lined with hide and fabrics, with some gold decals along the ends of the shoulder and on the back. He wears a pair of hide fingerless gloves, and a pair of heavy leather boots. Lucius has dark brown heavy hide pants, he still has his old red scarf which he’s had since his days in Nysnograd. Lastly he wears a black eyepatch over his left eye.


Lucius was born on the deck of his family’s ship while pulling into the port of a trade city. He was born to a family of traveling merchants and treasure hunters. As an only child Lucius spent his time assisting his parents in their merchant work. Though in his spare time, or whenever they were docked at a port, Lucius’ parents would always encourage him to go explore the land and to follow his curiosity. Which he did, Lucius never missed an opportunity to explore, even returning with different trinkets and treasures from his adventures which he would trade with the locals for money or something interesting, of course he always kept the best ones for himself… As Lucius grew up, he used his parents' lessons for more than just earning a few coins from some locals. At the age of 14 his parents started to give him more tasks other than loading cargo on and off of the ship. They would now begin to send him off to find potential buyers after docking at ports. This continued to be Lucius’ job for years, though he never forgot his secondary passion. Treasure hunting, when the work for the day was done, and the crowded markets had died down… Lucius would go out on his own, blindly searching the foreign land for treasure or simply something unique. It was when Lucius was 16 that he discovered his unnatural luck, his parents and him were at a port for three days. All three days Lucius would go treasure hunting after working, and all three days he came back with something. Fossils, old scrolls and books, even trinkets made of precious metals. This trend would continue throughout his life, his parents even gave him the nickname “Lucius The Lucky” jokingly… Little did anyone know how accurate this name would be in the future.

Lucius had spent the years observing his parents work and how they spoke with customers, even practicing with his own trading to the point where he could do their jobs for them if necessary. When Lucius was 19 his parents sat him down, they explained that it was time for them to retire. They were getting older, and had a large some of money saved up. Saying they had plans to set up a small business on a populated merchant port and settle down. Lucius was saddened to hear that his adventures and travels with his parents wouldn’t continue, but he also knew this meant it was time for him to begin his own journey. His parents knew this too, they encouraged him to buy his own ship and follow his curiosity. Just as they told him when he was a child… So, that’s exactly what Lucius did. He found a ship, it was small, but with enough room for storage and a cozy living space. He named this ship “The Faithful Stoic”, and with a goodbye to his parents, Lucius was off. Beginning his journey as a merchant and treasure hunter.

Life Pre-Collapse of Nysnograd

Lucius was now 27 years of age, a successful merchant with a passion for rare and unique treasures. On his journeys he met other adventurers and explorers, Trevor and Komaden, the three of them settled on the south western coast of the north eastern continent. Setting up a campfire and tying off their boats on the shore. They spoke all night about their goals and dreams, it was that night when the plan had been made. They were going to found a new nation on this very soil, and build it up to be the pinnacle of success… Thus the nation of “Nysnograd” had been born, building up houses and a port, the settlement grew drastically in population and size within only a few months. With other settlements being created nearby, they too would soon begin to carry the Nysnograd banner. The nation was thriving, people were happy, including Lucius. Even founding a small business called “Colskare Tatos” where he sold a vegetable he discovered was native to the land and easy to grow.

He never gave up his passion either, even showing why he was nicknamed “Lucius The Lucky”. He tested his luck and went to explore the island, finding an abundant amount of fossils, and old scrolls which he sailed south to sell for a large amount of money. To this day Lucius continues selling his rare items, and founding businesses… All with the goal of being the most well known and successful merchant in the world of Alathra.

Life Post-Collapse of Nysnograd

After the fall of Nysnograd Lucius sailed south with other Nysnograd founders and citizens to create a new settlement. Where after years of sailing the seas searching for a new home, they declared themselves pirates. After 7 years of pirating, sailing from continent to continent, embracing his merchant and exploratory side, Lucius ended up on the southern shore of the most southern continent with two other of the Nysnograd settlers and a helpful shipwright they had met on their journeys. On this shore they would name the new settlement: Snora. Officially creating the Pirate Authority of Snora. By this time Lucius was age 34, with nothing but the armour he wears on his back, his faithful blade “Dumb Luck”, and lastly the riches he acquired many years ago in Nysnograd. One new gift he had acquired rather unexpectedly was an eye patch. Lucius had been stricken with an uncommon case of bad luck over the last 7 years at sea. Losing his left eye to the shrapnel of a shattered cannonball during a battle at sea. Though with one eye still functioning, he has been working tirelessly to build up the new settlement he would now call home.

Life in Snora

The settlement was thriving, after arriving on the shores of the long abandoned and ruined tropical island Lucius and the rest had immediately gotten to work. The group began construction on their small port and a few homes within days, with all of them working together the buildings were finished swiftly. The pattern continued, Snora was growing, much quicker than anticipated. In population and in physical development. Pirates, sailors, adventurers, bandits… They all flocked to Snora City. Lucius was enjoying his new pirate life, not being held to any standards to act like any of the other formal imperial nations. It was a freeing experience, however the quick paced development that followed the treacherous journey to find this land wasn’t treating all the founders as well as it treated Lucius. Aari, the leader, or more formally, the Sovereign, had fallen ill… Unable to work and lead the newfound pirate city, he proclaimed Lucius the Sovereign until his return to health

With a word of reassurance to his ill friend that the city was in the right hands, Lucius began leading. Though it felt no different, building, planning, even forming some relations with neighboring nations, some good, some bad… However, each decision he made, he made with the intent of making Snora the most powerful nation to ever grace the waters of the Alathran seas. It had only been half a year and Snora had already grown to be one of the largest and most populated nations in Alathra under his guidance. He took pride in this of course, but never allowed himself to forget that his position was only temporary, instead of brooding over this fact. He took the opportunity to make as much progress as possible before the inevitable return of his friend Aari.

The Pearl Tempest

The sky was clear, there was a soft breeze, a perfect day to work on renovating the ruined temple. It was when he saw one of the settlers, a man named Whuyrus, dock his ship at the port following his adventure to Blackfeld. Whuyrus spoke of a monstrous ship, hundreds of meters long, and lined with cannons… This intrigued Lucius, being the leader of a nation filled with pirates and sailors. So the two took some time to prepare and set sail once again, to Blackfeld. Upon his visit he was greeted… Strangely to say the least, he had suspected it to be because of his traveling companion, Whuyrus’ reputation as a bit of a crook… However he paid no mind to it and did his best to be respectful as it was his first time traveling to any other lands since founding Snora. The port was packed with people, some residents, some simply travelers. As it turned out, a handful of them had heard of Snora and its rapid growth. Though, he supposed it wasn’t that hard when all his citizens were constantly traveling the seas and visiting various different port cities, carrying the proud Snora name wherever they went. Either way, he began exploring the city, accidentally, walking onto one of the boats as he didn’t realize due to the sheer size. Eventually, he was given a tour, even getting to enter some of the fortress… Finally though, he saw it… The Highmore. It was magnificent, and inspiring. He stared for what felt like minutes, thoughts racing through his head of the challenges this would present, how he could surpass it, or show that Snora could do something just as grand…

When his visit concluded, he immediately paid a visit to the shipwright of Snora, Cabeza. Lucius described the ship in great detail, and proclaimed that he wished to commission a ship just as large… This… Was not exactly the plan for the Snora navy, he had originally wanted to have some more small to medium sized ships built before tackling a large project such as this. Lucius couldn’t help himself though, he saw this almost as a challenge for Snora to overcome. Cabeza’s eyes lit up at the idea and went to his book shelves, searching through his many blueprints and drawings of different ships and watercrafts. Until finally, he plucked one out, pushing everything off his cluttered desk and rolling the blueprint out. Revealing the drawings of a giant towering war ship, cannons lined in rows like teeth in the mouth of a shark… It was perfect, and so the next morning the project was announced, and the ship commissioned. Construction began, it was a slow and painful process but after the course of a few rough months, the boat was complete… So he proclaimed its name to be “The Pearl Tempest”. This event was without a doubt to be marked in the history of Snora for years to come. This was Lucius’ last great act before his friend had returned. With pride, Lucius stepped down from the position of Sovereign, happy to see Aari back and in good health. In the coming day’s Aari wouldn’t disappoint, and this would mark the day that Snora’s economy made a breakthrough…