Luka Bovianum

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Luka Bovianum was born 27 years ago in the great City of Praetara Centrum.

His early life consisted of him being taught how the world works by his father and going to the local market to help his mother with everyday tasks.

When he turned into a teen he went abroad with his father learning diffrent languages and their cultures. After coming back to the city he went ahead and bought some books to learn more about his culture and the history of the nation and about its gods.

When he became 20 years old he went off and joined the local militia to defend his family and the other people against raiders and creatures of the night.

After being in the militia for 4 years he left it with basic knowing of how to use the weapons such as swords bows and axes. For the next 2 years he would wonder around the country but after that he would settle in the town of Esteura a small town that is in the process of being built.