Merlin Rugruth

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Merlin Rugruth
OccupationHealer, religious and spiritual leader, town leader
TitleArch-druid, Chief of Garacida

Merlin Rugruth is a druid who lives in Garacida within the region commonly known as 'The Stone Forest'.


Merlin is a middle aged man who stands at a high of 5'9. He has tan skin and brown hair with emerald green eyes. He has a beard that is well kept for someone who lives in the jungle. He wears the common druid attire of brown robes. On his left arm he wears a band of holy moss. He also wears a large band of holy moss with berries growing from it around his body. Commonly, he is seen to be wearing a moss mantle with a hood along side bark boots and gauntlets. He wears the Arch-druid face marking with his marking colour being brown.


Early life

Merlin was raised happily with his family in Garacida. He was a hard working lad who helped out as much as possible. When he grew up, he wanted to help people and so became a healer.

He soon partook in religious rituals and events, which later gave him a more spiritual connection with the world. As such, he began reading about the history and myths of the world the druids knew.

At the age of 19, Merlin accidentally wandered into a Ripper cave while looking for rare herbs to add to his medicinal garden. Despite the aggressive nature of the Rippers, Merlin was calm and left without harm. This was due to the fact that he grew up around some Rippers and knew how to safely deal with them. It was also said that this was a sign and blessing from the Harubudu Astrobeth.

At the age of 26, Merlin went through the trials to become a high druid. After successfully completing them all, he was granted the title. At the age of 29, he became the Arch-druid after being successfully selected.

Latter life

Merlin currently lives out his life in service to his people and openly welcomes travellers to the town.


Village leader - Merlin is the leader of Garacida

Religious leader - As Arch-druid, Merlin is the head of Hourdun


Merlin both follows and heads the druidic religion of Hourdun. He was raised in its belief and knows nothing else.