Merrick Blithesea

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(From the Florin Chronicles, by Merrick)

I, Merrick, Fisherman of Florin, Sailor and Adventurer, write this by my own hand to tell plainly the story of my life to all who would read it. Late in the 12th Dosentury, I was born in Redwall, a town in a northern continent south of Ikarel. I was born to a common family, of no note. My father was Karl Hill, and my mother was Sabina. My brothers are, if they are still alive, Varrus, Albert, and Karl. I do not remember them much, for when I was not much older than 13, I found a sword among the bodies of the monsters which still plague the world, which is to this day my treasure. In my haste and excitement, I left my home to begin an adventure.

Being always a lover of the sea, I had for myself a small sailboat of my own construction. Having collected rations and supplies in secret, I set forth from the port of Redwall to the south. With all haste, a storm came and I was shipwrecked, luckily close to the port of Tywaunia. In that mountainous land, I practiced what would quickly become my profession: Fishing and Slaying Monsters. I excelled at neither trade, but steadily the sea calmed my restless spirit, and the terrors of the night steeled my heart. My swordplay became passable, my fishing became a joy, and I was maturing.

When a few years had passed, my funds were plentiful and my small sailboat was repaired. I set sail for Adelaa'r, and I traveled that continent, wandering but going mostly south. At the southernmost port of Adelaa'r, Ferosindor, I put to sail again in a new sailboat, still traveling south. Again, a storm came and I was shipwrecked, this time in the middle of the sea of Piscis.

As I floated in the sea, a vision came before my eyes. I entered what seemed to me a royal court held at the bottom of the sea. It was grand and greatly populated with many sorts of people, but low and dark. In the blackness of the deep, luminous creatures moved like wandering stars as lights for the court. The lord of that place, who was too fearful to describe, reached out and touched my sword (for I was still clinging to it as one would a rope at the bottom of a pit). Thereupon I awoke, spluttering, on the beach to the north of Florin.

The Sdar of Florin welcomed me, ragged though I was, and allowed me to practice my trades outside the city. Over several weeks, I learned of the state of the Aeskanian empire: their once-vassal had rebelled and now ruled as their overlord, threatening their culture and way of life. This greatly distressed me, for by this time I had matured and begun to love the beauty of a peaceful kingdom as greatly as I loved the sword. What is more, I learned of their gods, and among them was Kjaros, the lord of the dead and the deep that spared my life.

Therefore, I resolved to be loyal to Florin and no longer wander the world. I performed new devotions to the gods of the land and sea, and sought to preserve the history and culture of Florin. One morning, as I made offerings to the lord of the deep, the blessing he gave me when I visited his court manifested itself. A pale light began to shine from the blade of my sword, and I knew, as if told by a rumbling voice, that it bore a new name: it was "Marked By Tides", a sword of the sea.

As I continued my fight for Florin, I received also lesser blessings: the Spiderslayer, "Signs In Birds"; The bow of flame, "Empire Reaching Out"; as well as the Unbroken Rod. However, even as I grew in favor, something else grew in Florin. Karva, an engineer and sorcerer, tempted the Sdar with the promise of wealth and power against his enemies. His machines of cruelty and black magic disgusted me, and outraged the gods. Therefore, I swore an enmity between us, that I would eventually kill him and end his enchantments. However, I began to fear that my hatred of him would draw the ire of the Sdar.

Therefore, I beseeched the Sdar that he might hold to the ways of the gods and trust in them for survival, and that I might make a fortification against our enemies and a sanctuary for the gods among the now-abandoned outposts of Florin. There, I would keep the worship of the gods alive and be strengthened each day, until the blessings of the gods and the strength of good men might overcome the enemies of Florin and finally establish a peaceable kingdom.

Now, I write this account, and an account of Florin as well, to explain our history and ensure that the truth will survive for all of time.

I, Merrick, called Blithesea, of Florin, penned the above in the 7th month of the year of March of the 13th Dosentury