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The Mieseeliads were a race of mushroom people who are now believed to be near extinction. The Mieseeliads were native to and lived on Mooshaloopia for their entire history. They were known for their pacifism and communal behavior. They lived off of the nutrients found in Mooshaloopia’s rich soil, so most of them didn't eat. The average lifespan of a Mieseeliad is and was 120 to 145 years. They also lived in one large village at the center of the island, around the tree Hollis-Narvall, where they shared and exchanged thoughts, beliefs, and resources.


The Mieseeliads worshipped and cared for the great and only tree Narvall. It dominated the island's skyline and rained down the spores that made the island so nutrient rich. They believed that long ago the Mooshaloopia was only inhabited by the Mellaldain (god) Narvall until a small mushroom washed up on the island. Narvall had lived on the island since the beginning of time, and she was excruciatingly lonely. So she put some of her power into the mushroom and made the first Mieseeliad, named Hollis. They became great friends, and Narvall quickly did other things with her power in order to create more life. She covered the island in mycelium and patches of grass. She also created the Mooshroom and giant mushrooms. This quickly drained her energy though, and soon she became weaker and weaker. Hollis told her to stop and that the place she created was a paradise, but she didn't listen. One day she committed her final act and created Mieseeliads, but in this act she had doomed herself. In order to keep herself from dying she sealed herself in a massive azalea tree. Hollis Spread Narvall’s massage of life to all the new Mieseeliads, and together they cared for and protected Narvull’s new form. Thanks to him being the first Mieseeliad Hollis had a theoretically unlimited lifespan. Mieseeliads also began speaking mostly telepathically through their connection with Narvull, which is why they built their village around her.

The Betrayal

Hundreds of years later there was a Mieseeliad by the name of Mellhenet began to raise doubts about the story of Narvall, that Hollis had been telling. Mellhenet said that Hollis wanted to keep them weak by keeping them from the tree’s wood, and the island's resources. He also said that telepathic communication was a natural gift of the Mieseeliad people. He tried to prove this by chopping down Narvall, but with every swing he took massive droning headaches would be inflicted on every member of the island. Mellhenet had separated his connection with Narvall so was undefeated . Eventually the Hollis reached Mellhenet and they fought. Hollis was badly hurt, but won. After he had lost Mellhenet was banished from the island and sent out to sea.

In the aftermath, the area where Narvall had been cut into now leaked black ooze and telepathic communication became harder. A little later the headaches came back, and no one could rest. Hollis realized what he had to do, which was rejoining Narvall to save her life. Before he did though he told his people to spread Narvall’s word and to never harm each other. He then re absorbed into Narvall’s tree joining her once more and healing her.

New Behaviors

After that things went back to normal, but there was never again an island leader like Hollis; instead they all voted on how things should be done. Before the Mellhenet all Mieseeliads’s name began with “Mell to honor the Mellaldains (gods), but afterward Mellhenet they retroactively changed the spelling to Mallaldain and every one now had “Mall” at the beginning of all Mieseeliad names, So they could distance themselves from Mellhenet.

The Great Burning

Much later a large group of people arrived at Mooshaloopia, they were covered in blue armor and wielded glowing black swords. At first the Mieseeliads were excited to meet new people, but when they started to communicate telepathically the newcomers began to yell about witchcraft. They started to kill people, they started to burn the Mooshaloopia to the ground. Eventually the fire reached Narvall and she burned. Many Mieseeliads tried to take saplings from Narvall, in order to preserve her in some way. Many Mieseeliads were killed or burned to death. At one point the newcomers even threw a sapling into a fire, Mieseeliads jumped to save it, just to be beaten down. No one knows if any of these cuts made it off the islands, but some hold out hope. A few hours after the fire reached Narvall she fully burned into smolders, and Mooshaloopia sank into the sea.

      Before the burning there were around 3700 Mieseeliads, but after there are at most 12 and at least 1 left. There are believed to be no new Mieseeliad communities as of this date.