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A visually imposing human, Mok stands at the height of 6 foot and 3 inches.He has pale blue eyes reminiscent of the azure sky and he has fairly pale skin. His hair is a stark white colour and near-shoulder length, however it is typically obscured or covered by a helmet. He is 37 years of age, however he shows no outward signs of aging, and could be mistaken for somebody of 10 years less. Perhaps, this slowed visual ageing can be attributed to him being imprisoned in stone for half a millenia.

An image of Mok

His armour often changes in visage, but he typically wears the armour gifted to him by Dajer

which is a shade of pearlescent white with gold trimmings. It is a simple set of armour, however it holds great spiritual significance. However, beneath his somewhat cold and imposing

visage, there is the mind of a great tactician and commander, a devout worshipper of Dajer and one which holds great intelligence and many great libraries' worth of knowledge. Mok is quite particular about his appearance, preferring to be shown in a more dignified and elegant manner, however he is willing to sacrifice his manicured looks if it means fulfilling a goal.

Backstory and Life Events:

Once, 500 years ago, a great builder society who were worshippers of Dajer flourished. Mok was a key figurehead in the military of this society and perhaps the greatest military tactician they had witnessed. However, the king of this civilisation thought Mok was too much of a threat to his power, and if he could rally troops it could jeopardise his safety on his high throne in his capital. So, one day, Mok was on an alleged scouting mission for a planned ambush assigned by the king, and he was to take the king's guards with him, who were informed of the placement of a cursed cave which they would trap Mok within. So, as the guards told Mok of an enemy outpost within the cave, he insisted to personally scout it, when he was promptly swallowed by the cave.


He stayed, imprisoned within the seemingly inhospitable stone, when miraculously, he was freed after exactly 500 years. He gazed around his surroundings, and, over the horizon, he spotted Dajeristan. He gained permission to stay, and he eventually became a permanent citizen. One fateful night, however, Mok was lying in his bed when he reached a realisation. The environment seemed to be different from what it was 500 years ago. Mok, then came to the conclusion that Dajer had somewhat abandoned the world. Believing it to be divine intervention from Dajer that he was freed from his stone prison, he took it upon himself to organise an expedition to locate and communicate with Dajer. Recruiting 2 companions for the quest, Mok traveled all over the Continent of Prsata, camping the night in abandoned houses and towns. Losing both his companions on the dawn of the 5th day, Mok was filled with grief and almost demotivated enough to abandon the quest, however he pushed through and found a monolith in the jungle at the South of the continent where he determined Dajer was calling from. He spent all of the 6th day scaling the monolith, arriving at the summit at sunset. He spent the whole night meditating on his thoughts, when at dawn, Dajer descended from his throne in the Heavens and spoke to Mok. He gave him the title of "Righteous Paladin of Dajer" and he also gave The 7 Commandments of Dajer, which also informed him that the stewardship of the Earth was passed on from Dajer to the citizens of Alathra, and it was their responsibility to ensure the preservation of the world.

11AC: Mok then started many construction projects within Dajeristan, the most notable being the renovation of Dajer castle, which he breathed new life into its walls. Mok also interceded for Dajer on some occasions, writing books and parables to teach the populus. However, unknown to Mok, the next major point in his chaotic and constantly weaving tapestry of life was waiting for him shortly.

Upon the completion of Dajer Castle, Mayor Falker called the population of Dajeristan to the castle. He told Mok to stand before him, before blessing him with the titles of Lord and Master Builder of the Court, and giving him a seat on the Council of Dajeristan. Mok was entrusted with a position of power in Dajeristan in Master Builder, giving him executive command in how and where buildings were constructed, and giving him oversight of all builds in Dajeristan. Mok then made it his mission to make Dajeristan a bright gem of opulence in the world, and teach the world about the great mysteries of Dajer. However, recently, Mok has taken a great interest in brewing various beverages and he has commandeered the basement of the Dajeristan Tavern to accommodate his newfound passion.

Mok, however, disappeared shortly after this. Nobody knows where exactly he went, however not a rumour of a sighting of him emerged, and after the fall of Dajeristan, it was rumoured that Mok saw the instability within the town and left, however the reports are somewhat unreliable

16 AC:

Mok had reemerged, in the small mountain settlement in Northern Cereyto by the name of Szvenozvok Peak. His current ambitions are yet unknown but he has been believed to settle, and reestablish the Dajeri religion from the remnants left behind, unhindered by those debating the meaning of Dajer's teachings, as Mok is the only current known follower of Dajer.


Physical Strength - Great physical strength allows him to be a mighty adversary in both armed and unarmed combat, and he tends to try and overpower and overwhelm opponents with a barrage of strong sword slashes.

Educated Scholar - Writes many books and works of literature, and chronicles his travels and experiences.

Master Tactician - In combat uses terrain to his advantage, and uses advanced tactics in militaries he commands to great effect to claim victory in many a battle.

Craftsman - Is a proficient builder, and often creates aesthetically pleasing ang structurally sound buildings.

Dajer's Paladin - Knows Dajer's wishes and visions, and gains a large amount of worldly insight due to them.


Paranoid - After being betrayed by soldiers he believed were under his command and loyal to him, he has become somewhat paranoid of people, even those closest to him, and is quite sceptical of people, even those with good intentions.

Aggressive - Tends to opt for violent resolutions to immediate issues when diplomacy seems to be unlikely to happen.

Miscalculator - Tends to get so caught up in elaborate tactics and strategies, can overlook more obvious and blatant issues.


Mok, due to his many expeditions and variety of experiences hold a wide variety of objects. He wants to bring glory to Dajeristan, his city of residence, and make it a famous and popular destination for others. He also wants to bring glory to the Dajeri faith, and he wants to properly found the Dajeri Church and lead it to greatness, as he believes it is his mission from Dajer.

He also wants to become an esteemed brewer and have his beverages be known on all corners of Alathra.