Nova Harecastrum

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Novum Harecastrum
Anthem: None
and largest city
Demonym Castrumae
Government County
 •  Count LucianMC
Indepenent but disputed by many Countries
 •  Harecastrum Established in Gaushan 9/14/2021 
 •  Nova Harecastrum is founded on the continent of Arith 9/14/2022 

Nova Harecastrum or Nova Castrum, is a city-state on the continent of Arith it borders Moo to South and East and Also Borders The Holy Solarian Empire to the North, It has only 1 person in the town called: "LucianMC" who is also mayor of the town.



On 9/14/2021 LucianMC created Harecastrum (latin for Sandcastle) on a small islet just east of Ar Raqqaqah, his plan was to create a castle made out of Sandstone just like Petersburg in Stoneworks he would claim the unclaimed land just south of him and would start to build the base of the castle but eventually had to stop as Lucian started to run out of wood and food, since he was in the middle of the Desert, it would be difficult to gain resources