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Paxism is a religion based solely on meditation. Summarized it is the belief of a god named Statera, who holds all knowledge and shares it through the world we live in. Different knowledge of topics require to be closer to different colors and shades.

ScriptureThe Possint
HeadquartersPorthos Temple in Pacitta II
Pacitta II
MembersFulkien, Mullrart(mcats8)
Temple buildingsPorthos Temple in Pacitta II
SloganScientia Liberati Estes "Through Knowledge You are Set Free"

Beliefs and Important Passages of Scripture/Events

An attempted depiction of Statera.

Statera, God of Wisdom

Statera (stat-air-uh) is the God in Paxism. It is believed that Statera created the world because he wanted to be happy and to make things happy. Statera believed he could do this by giving the creatures and plants in the world knowledge and adventure. He would share his knowledge with them through the different colors, which would lead them on adventures. It would require immense concentration to decipher the teachings, but it was possible through meditation.

Stulprobus, God of Mischief and Evil

Stulprobus (stuhl-proh-bis) is the Evil god in Paxism. It is Stulprobus that is the lord of the Nether, and lord of evil. He hides himself in colors such as red or black to try and warp the minds of Paxists, slowly twisting their thoughts and actions into his own.
A picture of the Possint, still in it's unfinished form.

The Possint

The Possint (pos-int) was created by Fulkien, The Dydalis and leader of Paxism. It contains all of the knowledge that Fulkien learned through his meditations. It is the main scripture of Paxism and a crucial part to Paxists.

The First Deciphering

The first deciphering is written in the Possint and is it's first passage. It tells how Fulkien, an elf was the first one to decipher any teaching of Statera by simply concentrating on the moon for several minutes. Doing this taught him how to use the colors to his advantage and learn from them, and also revealed little parts of how Paxists should live.

The Three Dimensions

The three dimensions, the Mortal World, The Nether, and The Immortal world are the three realms in Paxism. The Mortal world is where all mortals live, The Nether is where all failed creatures that were supposed to be intelligent life created by Statera live, and the Immortal world is where Statera lives; watching the mortals live their lives.

The Building of Porthos Temple

Porthos (poor-thohs) temple was constructed by Fulkien soon after the first deciphering happened. He realized that he would soon have to spread the word of Paxism or other bad religions might corrupt the minds of people believing in fake gods when Fulkien knew that gods could not be seen or heard, as Statera taught him through his recent meditations. They could only be read through messages left in the mortal dimension by Statera.


Color Knowledge

Color knowledge is the belief that the colors hold secret meanings and depending on their shade share different things. To decipher the meanings of the colors, one would have to meditate for hours or days focusing on an object of a specific color.

Different types of color knowledge

The Rainbow Colors:

  • Red: red gives knowledge of life and how violence affects it. It also gives knowledge on the Nether and how and why it is created.
  • Orange: orange gives you knowledge of forging, smelting, and creating armors and weapons and tools.
  • Yellow: yellow gives you knowledge in the field of redstone, how to use it how to build contraptions, and how to harness the energy of the sun to power contraptions.
  • Green: green gives you insight into plants and plant life.
  • Blue: blue gives you knowledge of the seas and oceans and how to navigate them.
  • Indigo: indigo gives you knowledge into psychology, how humans and other creatures react to things, and why people and animals act like they do in general.
  • Purple: purple gives you knowledge in the ways of diplomacy, government, and leadership. This is said to be why leaders sometimes wear purple robes and amethyst rings.

Other Colors:

  • White: white is the universal color and gives general knowledge of anything in particular. It does not give strong knowledge on any particular subject but still gives basic knowledge that anyone can use.
  • Grey: grey gives knowledge on how Statera created the world and who Statera is.
  • Black: black gives knowledge of evil, whether how to avoid it or how to draw power from it. Black also works with the color red to show how and why the Nether was created and how to get there.
  • Brown: brown gives knowledge of the ground, stones, mining, and precious metals/gems.
  • Pink: pink gives you knowledge in the arts; such as painting, singing, music, cooking, baking, etc.
  • Transparent/Glass: this see-through color provides you insight into the magical workings of architecture and engineering.

Paxist Way of Life

The Paxist lifestyle is a very normal lifestyle, although is include many quirks and features.

  • Simple lifestyle: Paxists are supposed to have a simple lifestyle, without many possessions or distractions that would cause them to be distracted from their studies. The only exception to this is if you find in your meditations that possessions would be good. This is also why they would traditionally wear robes that are plain white and grey with no special patterns on them. Some wiser Paxists will wear robes of the color that they study. Even the Drydalis wears simple robes, with only two differences; his shoulders have pads with corners of gold to signify his long service to the temple and the religion, and his golden F on his belt. (He also owns a small boat and a castle but we don't talk about those.)
  • Painting: painting is how Paxists express themselves and leave a legacy so that other pupils may learn from people who came before them.
  • Worship: worshiping Statera works a little differently than other religions. Paxists do not truly "Worship" their God; it is more like figuring out what their god wants them to do and how they should come about life.
  • Music: music is one of the ways that you can easily meditate in Paxism and is a good way to go about Paxist life.
  • Wars/fighting: while peace is an important part of a good Paxist lifestyle, and usually Paxists will not fight and wish to settle things diplomatically, if while meditating they learn some knowledge that tells them that fighting in a conflict would be good for the world and it's people, they will willingly fight relentlessly and strategically.
  • Books: books also play a role in the Paxist lifestyle. Books are how most people record their findings and how Paxists can record their findings. Books are thought to be knowledge gained from Statera through other ways than Color knowledge by Non-Paxist people. Books can also be weapons of doom, as their writings can hold the power of Stulprobus in them. These books can twist and change the mind of a Paxist believer into an evil person.


Porthos Temple

Porthos Temple is the headquarters of Paxism and is where all meditation and reading of the Possint takes place. It is located in New Pacitta, in the

Leader(s) of Temple/Church


Drydalis (drahy-duh-lis) is the meaning of Head Priest in Paxism or head of the whole church/temple. A new Drydalis will be elected after the last one dies or steps down.


Fulkien is the current head of the temple. He is an elf who's age is unknown. He lives in Pacitta II, where he is the mayor.

Mcats8 is Fulkien's right hand man, He works for him and is his favorite person. he is also an avid follower of the Paxist Faith and is the "Second in Command" of the Church
Drydalis Fulkien