Polaris Astra

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Polaris Astra
ResidenceDajeritsan, Draconis Imperium
NationalityDraconis Imperium
Other namesMildew Man
OccupationReluctant Carrot Farmer
Known forAppearing one day

Polaris Astra is a man described to be 6 feet tall, with very pale skin and grey hair. He wears a suit, along with a matching hat.


Before Althara

Polaris claims to be in a land called Providence, a land full of various human-animal hybrids with superpowers. In his time in Providence, someone stole his legs and infected him with a fungus. Polaris was kidnapped and cured of his fungus by Father John. Several weeks later, Polaris became best friends with Father John, before then going to a meeting with him and dying by a TNT trap. After blacking out, he wakes up in Althara.

First Day.

Polaris woke up in a field South of the Imperian Empire's capital. Through wandering and exploration, he eventually found Dajeritsan, and was given food and shelter there. However, the only way he could make money and survive was to work in the carrot fields, much to his dismay. He was able to become the village bartender, but he did not have his brewing equipment. Before his first day in Althara was even over, he already missed Father John. On the next day, he was to enter the capital to ask about his location, and how to get back.