Port Crescentia

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Port Crescentia
Port Town
Motto(s): "Setting Sail for Success"
Founded byTudiuk Kuznetsov
 • TypeAutocracy
 • HarbourmasterTudiuk Kuznetsov

Port Crescentia was a freeport in the Southeast Confederate States of Alathra.


Tudiuk Kuznetsov, born and raised in the bustling seaports of Kyriska, knew firsthand the challenges and dangers that seafarers faced on their long journeys. He had seen how even the most basic ports could be a haven for traders and travelers alike, but he had a vision for something greater.

Driven by his passion for creating a safe and welcoming space for seafarers, Tudiuk set out on a journey of his own. He traveled far and wide, exploring the coasts of Alathra in search of the perfect location for his dream port. Finally, he came upon a small crescent-shaped inlet.

He recognized the natural beauty of the surrounding coastline, and with his entrepreneurial spirit and his unwavering commitment to creating a space of hospitality and community, Tudiuk began to transform this humble inlet into the port town of his dreams.

Over time, Port Crescentia became known as a place of warmth and generosity, a hub for trade and a source of inspiration for seafarers from all over the world. And through it all, Tudiuk Kuznetsov remained at the heart of it all,

The town's unique atmosphere of openness and hospitality appealed to those who sought a place to rest and recharge before continuing their journeys.