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The Princedom of Sant'Altafonte
Flag of The Princedom of Sant'Altafonte
Nickname(s): Highfountain
Motto(s): "Money opens all doors."
Anthem: "Un Giorno" (Common: "One Day")
NationNorth Eastern Allied Towns
Established11 AC
Founded byGiuseppe Nizzi
 • TypeConstitutional Monarchy
 • BodyRoyal Parliament
 • Crown PrinceTommaso LaGuardia
 • Total3

Sant'Altafonte as it is called in Lazzarri, also known as Saint of the Highfountain or simply Highfountain in Common, is a city-state in the south of the continent of Orendel, being the southernmost city of Orendel and the North Eastern Allied Towns alliance, it was built to be a hub of travel from the southern reaches of Alathra and the northeastern regions. It is the home of Crown Prince Tommaso LaGuardia, the second prince of the LaGuardia princely family, and the home of the unique cultures and peoples of the native Fekat race and the Lazzarri settler peoples.



native fekat tribal town Affenkh

Destruction of Castellammare

nearby lazzarri refugee settlement in arkitus falls into ruin, flees to village

Discovery of Highfountain

lazzarri discover holy fountain that was spoken of in old tribal religion

City of Sant'Altafonte Established

negotiations with permanent co-settlement with fekat peoples and lazzarri settlers, propels union to make grand city

Important places