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The continent of Prospit is the South-Eastern continent of Alathra. It is the second largest continent, after Arith.


Prospit is a vast continent wedged between the Tipiat sea to the west and the icy sea to its north. The interior is dominated by vast, largely uninhabited woodland and diverse natural environments, only sparsely populated by small and unique civilizations such as the Anglers of Dalleton, or Meloncrest. To the south east and north west of these woodland is characterized by grassy plains and deserts, and the very north is home to cold, boggy highlands. On the west coast, Prospit is capped by a small everfrost region hugged by dark forests on the Olarian peninsula. South of these lie the warm sand and terracotta deserts by the warm Tipiat Sea, eventually giving way to the central coast lands which have small meadows, lush forests, jungles, and several large lakes. The very southern tip of Prospit is once again a transitory environment from dark forests to icy tundras. There are not that many mountains on Prospit, but Prospit is by no means flat. There are many rolling hills and highlands all over, and a small cordillera in the far south by Lothridge. The highest peaks are yet to be discovered and recorded, but the likeliest candidates are either Mount Zusammenflussberg or one of the peaks around Lothridge.

Geopolitics and History

(for our collective memory, analysis, and information to pass on to new peoples)

Prospit has a long and dramatic history. Several empires have laid claim to large parts of all of it at some points, and many regional powers have risen and fallen. But by looking at the geopolitical map one would get the illusion that Prospit is widely cultivated and populated, however the fact is not so. The vast forests, plains and deserts have been mostly desolate and unpopulated since the beginning of time and the national claims of many civilizations have extended far beyond their actual control. The emptiness of such a vast and historical space is only occasionally interrupted by small settlements or by ruins of past cultures. For this reason, to this day Prospit could be better understood as a fantastical land of deep forests, ancient ruins and tranquil plains more befitting of a fairy tale than as just another continent. For the reasons above, Prospit is a geopolitically unstable place, however its instability pales in comparison with Anglia.

Contrary to the above, Prospit is equally defined by its social community as it is by its physical geography. Despite a relatively small population, Prospitians were pushed together by the oppressive regime of Acquendavia, and there has been a long lasting desire for regional cooperation. The Prospitians have tried many forms of unity, by founding a number of international organizations such as:

  1. Prospit Treaty and Defence Organisation (PTDO)
  2. Prospit Moot
  3. Council of Leaders
  4. Interests in Prospit
  5. Prospit Preservation Initiative

This is on top of the many bilateral ties both military and civilian that interconnects the continent.

Notable Locations

Player-Built Landmarks

  • Voyagez Statues (Voyagez)
  • Twin Towers of Philosophy (Lothridge)
  • The Great Road
  • The New Vegas strip (New Vegas)
  • The Tower of Freedom (New_Reno)
Landmarks and Geographical Features