Rawiya the Wanderer

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Rawiya the Wanderer
CitizenshipFort Khirom

Rawiya is a human woman from distant shores, she makes her home in Fort Khirom where she has built up a small home that reminds her of what few memories of her old home she still has.


Around 6'2", with long wavy brown hair, golden eyes, and honey colored skin. She has two half moon scars on her chest, and flowery tattoos hidden beneath her hair. Typically she wears vibrant colors that remind her of the few memories she still has of her life before the shipwreck.

Rawiya Before the Frontier

Rawiya's family traveled to the frontier on a ship full of other colonists. They were part of a larger fleet of people called the Calgaska, who once built their massive cities near mountains and deserts on a distant shore. Her family traveled in hopes of finding a new home free of the over crowded cities and the famine. But the fleet was scattered when a horrible storm overtook it.

Present Day

Rawiya's earliest memories are of her ship capsizing and the cold waves slamming her into the mast. Then the sound of seagulls woke her. Blinking the sand and seawater from her eyes as waves crashed on the shore around her. Looking up, she saw flags waving in the wind, marked with the golden apples of, as she would soon discover, The Knights of Poumebourg. They helped her regain her senses and gave her shelter before she left for Fort Khirom to make her place in the world.

Since arriving at Fort Khirom, Rawiya has made her way as a builder and architect. She has made great contributions to Fort Khirom and several surrounding settlements; including market stalls and ships in Brewstone, the museum in Guldhir as well as several small residential buildings, she assisted with the windmill in New Pangolias, and has consulted for the wayward market. But her work in Khirom has so far taken the most of her time. While building for Khirom, Rawiya has established a small Calgaskan district, in hopes of discovering other lost members of her people. She has been solely responsible for the construction of the new city section of Khirom, alog with most of the residential district, the port, and several hidden away underground locations. She has built forty one buildings within the city walls, if you count the castle as one building. She has laid out the roads, and the foundation for the new city, as well as the beginnings of an underground. Even building a small slice of Calgaska under the city as more of her old memories returned.

What will come next for her, only time will tell.