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Motto(s): Ubi pani ibi patris (Where there is bread, there is my fatherland)
The location of Redna on the world map
CountryKingdom of Estea
FoundedJune 5th, 2021
Founded byTheodmer
 • TypeMonarchy
 • King Theodmer
 • Hand of the King Vortex22
 • Chief Builder
 • Total30 Increase


Redna is a town located on two islands. It is the capital of the Estea and focuses on cultivation as well as infrastructural improvement by supporting community work ethics.



The town of Redna is a settlement situated on two islands, which lie between the continents Gaushan and Koganon. The town of Redna is the official capital of Estea (formerly Eastern Elyrian Kingdom), which is ruled by Theodmer and part of the Great Elyrian Empire.

The two islands the duchy consists of were formerly known as the Lyon Isles.

Redna shares naval borders with the Elyrian mainland as well as a neighboring island, which is claimed by Ashina.

The nearest settlement is the town of Everglow, which lies to the west and was founded by a former Rednan resident.


The two Rednan isles are surrounded by the sea, which divides the Gaushan and Koganonese continents. They are framed by beaches and riffs of corrals. The western island is uninhabited and consists of one great beach, while the eastern island is mostly covered by grassland and dominated by a big hill, which has its peak over 50 blocks above sea level.

Over than that, the eastern island is covered with oak trees and has a small cave system under the surface. The main town and the castle are built on that hill or in the neighboring flat grasslands. From size, the two islands combined are about as large as the surface that the Elyrian capital, Peachfield, covers.



The grassland that covers the eastern Rednan island is primarily used for farming and breeding animals. Even though Redna lacks ores and other minerals, excluding a few iron or coal ores, it managed to get a stable economy by producing and trading the cultivated products. A market with villagers also allows the Rednan inhabitants to gain more sophisticated products.


Redna mostly trades the products it produces, however, any citizen is free to trade whatever he acquires. Redna is generally really trade-friendly and trades with everyone as long as they are not a direct enemy.

The primary exported and traded goods are:

The view on the western side of Redna from its neighboring town, Everglow. The construction site of the Black Keep can be seen on top of the mountain.



The local Flag of Redna resembles a golden dragon on a black background. The flag remained from the times where Redna was still an independent town in the continent of Acquendavia.

Since the formation of the Estean Kingdom, the flag is used as an official flag and replaced the standard Elyrian flag. The flag is also resembled on the capes of the King, Theodmer as well as his hand, Vortex22.


The town of Redna is affiliated with the Kingdom of Estea. It serves as a capital and is part of the Elyrian Empire. As an autnonomous part of the Elyrian nation, Redna swore to defend Elyria in times of war, and signed a non-agression pact with the rest of Elyria and its vassals. Redna and Eastern Elyria is free to choose allies and enemies independently from the Elyrian Empire. Current diplomatic relations include.

  • The most notable allied town is the town of Qarth, a trade estate that redirects people who want to live there to Redna.
  • Everglow is another town allied to Redna and governed by Eastern Elyria. Their founder EC was a Rednan citizen once.
    The view on Redna from the foot of its mountain.
  • Judea, as long as it is ruled by GoodVibes, though a part of Elyria, is an enemy of Redna, as a result of the personal behaviour of GoodVibes towards Redna and its residents.
  • The county of Greenfrost has especialally good trade and diplomatic relations with Redna and its inhabitants are seen as friends of the Redna.
  • Redna seeks good relations with the dual monarchy of Aerdale, which is governed by two friends of the town, Notoric and yoosanghoon.
  • An alliance with Charmont, which was founded by two former Rednan citizens.


Redna generally seeks to develop and prosper by its own means and not by seeking conflict. This does not hinder Redna from offering military aid to Elyria if needed. Redna generally thrives to expand on its infrastructure, to provide a better way of life for its citizens. In the last while, Redna witnessed a lot of insecurities and destruction in connection to the Great War, so it wants to provide a safe haven for anyone willing to join the community and participate in making Redna a better place.

Future Plans

Rednas immediate attention lies in overcoming the aftermath of the Great War, as well as focus on internal matters. There is a lot of infrastructural overhauls planned, which are hoped to be realized in the near future.

Plans include sophisticated training grounds, a shrine for religious satisfaction of the inhabitants of Redna, as well as a small library, which will be publicly accessible and seeking to store and provide knowledge from all over Alathra.



"Oldtown", as it referred to as, represents the cluster of the homes and houses built near the hill dominating the Rednan Isles. It includes a small garden and a nearby waterfall. Oldtown stands next to the Black Keep and a path leads down to the Fire of Lore, where visitors arrive, when visiting Redna. The name might be misleading, though. Many new houses are still built in Oldtown when a new citizen wants to settle.

A picture of Oldtown, taken near the Black Keep.
The temple located on the eastern island of Redna
The community fields have continuously been expanded by the local population and are a reliable source of food and income.

The Black Keep

The Black Keep is the castle of the Eastern Elyrian king Theodmer, which is under construction at the moment. The castle sits on top of a huge cliff, that oversees both islands. It will include a throne room, garden and other facilities, which partially will be open for the public. Lately, the Gate and front walls, as well as one tower have been completed. The Black Keep is the first of many infrastructural projects, some of them still in planning. From there, Theodmer will rule the Eastern Elyrian kingdom.

The Fire of Lore

The Spawn of Redna is reffered to as the "Fire of Lore". It resembles a small, roofed campfire with benches and seats around. It is often used as a meeting point for discussions, diplomacy and trading. The Fire of Lore lies in the center of the two islands, which makes it easy to reach any point in Redna from there.

The Temple

The temple is a structure left over from times where the Islands of Redna were not in Elyrian hands. It is located on the uninhabitated, western island of the duchy. Even though it serves no real purpose at the moment and was partially destroyed before the town of Redna was founded on the islands, it is clearly a sophisticated peace of architecture and could be reppurposed in the future, especially as Redna plans to improve on its religious offerings.

The Community Farms

The community farms are fields of wheat, which are maintained by the Rednan population and is used by the community as a whole. As long as the wheat is resowed, anyone is allowed to harvest the fields and profit of the bread that he can make from it. The community fields where a initiative to fight hunger and its burdens in Redna and have been used not only by Rednan, but non-residents too.

Villager District

The villager district is a market with villagers, located near the community farms on a hill. It was built with the help of Skoop and EC (also see: The settling of Villagers) and allows residents of Redna to trade their goods independently from other players. Two iron golems patrol the area and make sure that the villagers are not hurt.

The main goal of the villagers is to trade for enchanted books and similar. There are also some ways to gain emeralds, which allows Redna to export some of them if there is a excess from trading with villagers.

The Town Hall

The town hall is a large building to the north of Redna. It was build by the Rednan Chief Builder mutual_ and serves as a local meeting point and center of politics in Redna. The town hall is constructed out of wood and stone,

includes a huge meeting room for diplomatic talks and missions, as well as a map room for planning of new constructions or strategical planning in times if war.

The Arena

The western island of Redna includes a arena which is used for duels, training fights and sparring. It was shaped after the arena of the festival, which was built by Kangy.

The Arena is mostly used for stick fights, but from time to time other kind of duels, like sword, axe or even bowes take place if both fighters agree to it. When there are guests on Redna, there are commonly hosted fights that

include more than two fighters, either in a handicap match or in a Free-for-All. In the future, Redna plans to host small tournaments there.
The coast near the Rednan isles is covered in Seaweed

Flora and Fauna


The islands of Redna are spread with multiple different kinds of plants. Almost the whole western island is covered in tall gras and different flowers, mostly poppies and dandelions. Besides from these, there are plenty of trees growing on both Islands of Redna, while the trees of the uninhabited, western islands are thicker and larger than the one on the eastern islands. Then there are foreign plants, that are used for agriculture. This includes wheat, carrots and sugar cane.

Also, the whole underwater coastline is covered in Seaweed that grows between the corrals and the beach.


Many turtles have made themselves comfortable around the islands shores.

Redna has a diverse wildlife on and around the islands. On the island itself, there are sheeps, cows, pigs, and chicken, aswell as some domesticated cats. Most of these animals are used to aquire goods like wool and milk, some roam Redna freely though.

Around the island, the waters near the coast are populated by turtles and squids, as well as many kinds of fish. Some dolphins have been seen too. As corrals are technically animals, they as well are part of the rednan fauna, forming reefs near the coast.


The unclaimed parts of Redna are roamed by many mobs during the night. These include standard mobs like Spiders, Skeletons, Zombies and Creepers, however, sometimes there are special mobs spawning, such as Giants and Skeleton Horsemen. These only affects the (by Towny) unclaimed western isle, so Rednan citizens do not normally come in contact with the mobs. Redna is spared by airborne mobs like Phantoms. Seawise there are some Drowned spawning sometimes, they seem to stay near the reefs at the cliffs most of the time, so Rednan residents barely see or come in contact with them.


Redna is a multicultural town centered around farming and a rural and simple life. Rednans keep a closer connection to the nature than most people or Elyrians and seek to maintain or combine it with its infrastructure. This is the reason roads are not paved and trees are not chopped near the residential areas. Because of Redna being inhabited by humans throughout its history, its people have gained a certain distances to other races, especially those who claim to be superior to mankind. This however does not result in other races being treated worse than humans, and non-humans enjoy the same rights on Redna as everyone else.
The dragon Fire on Redna serves as a shrine for the mighty dragons.
In Redna, one of the first and most important customs is friendliness towards visitors and adventurers, who stumble upon the islands or go there for a visit. Anyone can choose to settle down in Redna and is greeted with open arms. If anyone is in need of help or in danger, it is the duty of a Rednan to provide help if he or she is able to.

Redna supports the community as a whole but does not courage the individual to look out for itself. Most Rednans will glady help or provide for each other to help mutual development. In general, Redna´s work ethics can be summed up with "The more the better".

Rednans like to forge new bonds and strive for friendship, but do not forget their enemies. The one who makes themselves an enemy of Redna and its people will have to face hostilities until the feud is ended. However, this does not mean that the Rednans are hateful and revenge-thirsty people. More often than not it will be a Rednan to approach an enemy to seek peace and end the times of hate and anger with the corresponding person or town.

Lore-wise, the Rednan culture is heavily influenced by tales and legends of dragons and other fantastical creatures. Many local scriptures tell the stories of wandering dragons, who chose to seddle and breed at the islands of Redna, many years before mankind seddled there. It is unknown why the dragons vanished from these lands, and to this day, no proof of their excistence could be discovered except the stories told by the scriptures. The Rednan banner shows a golden dragon, who is believed to be the most powerful from all the dragons that roam the skies of Alathra. Many Rednans believe, that in times of great danger and suffering, the golden dragon will emerge from the black of the night sky to save the islands by burning its enemies to a crisp. Therefore, some Rednans burn a part of their harvest each year in the so called "Dragon Fire" to please the mysterious golden dragon and ask him to protect them in times of direness.



Redna was founded by Theodmer on the continent of Orientem (Acquendavia) near a huge mountain called the Drake Hill. It started as a farming village so that no visitors or residents had to hunger in Rednan lands. Alder was the first to build a house in Redna. He had to rebuild it three more times because of many different reasons. While Alder was building his first house, people from Jotunstan came to warn Theodmer about Redna’s situation.

Redna was located in Acquendavia and not joining them would result in its destruction. Kangy helped Redna realize the situation and suggested possible solutions. He was named a friend to Redna and was promised to have a statue in the hall of legends. Theodmer spent months planning and talking to people. He made friends and learned who is hated or liked by whom. This helped to build stable relationships with the rest of Alathra and gain some friends outside the own walls.

Joining Elyria

Threatened by the situation, Theodmer entered negotiations with the Kingdom of Elyria, asking to join it as a vassal. Redna was refused at first, but further negotiations bore fruit: Redna was accepted as a part of the Elyria.

This decision, however, was connected to terms: Redna had to move to the island where a dead Ashinan town called Lyon once stood before getting conquered by Elyria. Redna was given funds and resources to rebuild, and the first thing that was built on the island was wheat fields again so that nobody had to hunger.

Settling on the island

After the fields were done, a builder hut was constructed in the middle of Redna which, to this day, serves as a place where rednans can find building materials to build their houses. Many people started to settle in Redna.

Most notable of the first settlers was EC, who was named a lord after his unconditional helps to build the land. Most of the new settlers built their houses and became a part of the land.

Redna was also superb in terms of relations with other nations, towns and people. It’s reputation along with the generosity of Duke Theodmer was slowly but steadily recognized by many people.

Accession of Jotunstan

The town of Jotunstan which was once lead by Kangy, who helped Redna in it's earliest days was invited to join Elyria. Theodmer negotiated with Kangy about their accession by the Fire of Lore. The second island along with funds and resources was offered to Jotunstan so that Redna and Jotunstan could be neighbors. This, however, was a risky choice. Jotunstan's accession had the possibility to offend Lydoneia and Kogongu and potentially lead to a war between them and Elyria. Redna used all it's influence to nullify the possibility of such wars happening and ensured Kangy. The Altar of Choices (aka the Altar or the Altar of Decisions) was built for the day Kangy would state his decision. When the day came, Jotunstan refused to join Elyria, thus eliminating the possibility of being neighbors with Redna.

The Settling of Villagers

Skoop had generously offered Redna two hundred villagers, and they had to be carried. Duke Theodmer and Lord EC went to Qarth to carry the villagers to Redna. Qarth was on the westernmost continent, so the villagers had to be carried between continents. Theodmer and EC sailed for months and managed to bring them to Redna without many casualties. This led to the construction of a reliable market with villagers which offers goods in exchange for emeralds.

The Ship Theft

Some months after the villagers were carried, a visitor named GoodVibes came to Redna. He went directly to the ship that Theodmer and EC sailed on for months without even responding to the greetings of the local folk. Boarded it and then stole the ship. This was the first thing to be stolen from Redna and a headhunt was called for GoodVibes. His last words before dying was "I thought you wouldn't notice". His head was brought to Redna and was mounted on a spike in front of the Black Keep. GoodVibes would keep doing shady things such as scamming or trespassing after this incident and always hated Redna. He was named an enemy of Redna after he scammed Theodmer upon being offered a trade to improve relations.

The Calm Before the Storm

After all that has happened, Redna went into a period of prosperity and development. New houses were built, new residents joined and upgrades were made. The town prospered and developed relations with other towns and people.

The Great War

There was blood moon the night Elyria declared war on FoA. Rednan citizens were not aware aside from Theodmer. Most of Redna was not able to go to war but those that were went to participate.

Since Entente was built and Elyrian forces were outnumbered five to one, the war drained Redna's resources and money, thus slowing the pace of development. It was a major hit to Redna's economy even though Elyria won at all fronts.

The community fields, which were built to sustain Rednan residents, had to now carry the food supply of the Elyrian forces and was constantly harvested to meet the demands. After the battles were won, Redna was in the brink of an economical crysis. The fields were expanded and ores were sold, so that Redna could continue the developement. This way, Redna managed to slip back into a pre-war economy and has stabilized since then.

Becoming the capital

After negotiations with the Elyrian Emperor ShermansWorld, Rednas duke Theodmer was allowed to name himself king. He was given territory to rule including Redna as a capital and the nearby town of Everglow as vassals. In a great coronation ceremony, Theodmer was crowned the king of Eastern Elyria (later renamed to Estea), with about twenty people attending the cornation, many of them presenting gifts to the new king afterwards.


The islands of Redna are constantly changing and evolving. At the moment, the economic situation has stabilized and Redna puts a lot of effort and resources to improve the local infrastructure and beautify the island.

For this, Redna is getting help of the local resident and Chief Builder mutual_, who has proved to happily and efficiently work for the improvement of the town and its surroundings. Redna looks towards a bright future and hopes to accomplish all the goals it has set, so it becomes a propering place of peace and wealth in Alathra.