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Cool Wiki Town is a town that exists. It was founded on a date that happened on one of the major continents of Alathra, by disneyplusnmonke.



Pre-Settlement began on a mountain when the craftsmen's and folk of alathra in this particular area underwent a religious event in which sparked the creation of their town now known as "Remnois"


As settlers began to arrive they cooped up underground where the town can do most functions such as, mining, farming, and breeding.

Historical Buildings

The first tower errected was one of the guard towers XstokegamingFM started building and the capital meeting building in the shopping main area district of the developing town.


Remnois is located on the SW continent

Flora and Fauna

The population of animal is below average The soil is perfect to grow any crop and it is naturally abundant. While the stone is darker and more primative of design but very scaled to their society's level.


The terrain is Hilly Flat and Mountainy this terrain can provide excellent benefit to the town when fighting in combat the main form of transportation is by foot.


The People of Remnois do not share any skin features brought together through an religous event that took place to create their town they all bare no similarities to each other other then to keep the promise of Remnois


The dominant culture is Remnoi

Common Practice

  • It is common practice to remove ones armor when entering town borders.
  • When entering ones home, it is expected that...


The town of Remnois is a religious center of Heralds Of The Deep : An event connected them to this godly creature so the people of remnois after being blessed by the kraken Remnois decided to worship it in all of its glory, power and wisdom.

  • Kraken Guided Religion
  • We worship the great Remnois
  • The Religion states if you do not take your first chance plea to Bowell to the god Remnois.
  • They are creating patterns and stones around the Alathran world.


The government system is one leader with many responsibilities of the town and nation while the others are more of a support and hands on roll to the governor but all decisions involving the future of Remnois are decided by the citizens.



The exports of Remnois are:

  • Knowledge
  • Deep Slate
  • Minerals


The imports of Cool Wiki Town are: For How we operate it is CAD but for general Areas are mining and lay of the land is what is important

  • Configuration
  • Adaption
  • Development

Foreign Relations

Remnois is at neutral state with all towns and nations of Alathra


None (Currently Mar 29th, 2023)