Rhano Rusteye

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Rhano Rusteye
Rhano Rusteye's appearance
Personal information
Height5 ft 10 in

Rhano Rusteye is a brunette half-dwarf who's 5'10 tall and wears a long beard with metal beads to adorn it. He usually wears neutral colors, like grey and brown. He carries with him several tools for his everyday activities, a fishing net, a fishing rod and a cleaver. He speaks rarely and sounds gruff.


Rhano Rusteye has been known to be patient and content but yet wrathful and paranoid. He is known to be a patient fisher, careful executioner and productive lumberjack. He is a part of the Rusteye family, which seems to have a lot of meaning to Rhano and is generally disapproving of birth rights, such as the concept of aristocracy and feudal societies. He considers himself an average worker, regardless what might be thought of him.


Rhano's family history is not available to the public, but his lineage traces to one exiled noble and a line of wandering executioners who also were known anglers. Rhano first appeared on Alathra in Brewstone, working as an executioner there. After the fall of Brewstone, Rhano lived in Kalikhan when he decided to further delve into the fishing business, leading him to Veizen Asoun Age. After a few months, he decided he did not seek to live where nobles rule, so he lived in Mistpeak, a distant foggy village where he grew to prominence. After a year there, during which he held a poetry competition all over Alathra, he went to Aesis, a kingdom, despite his beliefs. Living as a hermit near the source of the Aesis, Rhano does not seem to involve himself in politics at all, as a way to cope with willingly living in a society he is opposed to.