Saviour Trooper

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Saviour_Trooper is a character of the traditional Ardeneux Walrus Race, he spends most of the time on the server brewing beer, and hanging out with megadalon and TylxrMD.

Early Beginnings / Hightide

This is his birthplace, Hightide, now called Lowtide

Saviour_Trooper spent his early years on Alathra as a brewer and an author, he wrote his first book called "how to make a living selling beer" here and he was just an ordinary, everyday person. He started getting bored of living as a normal person in Alathra, he dreamed to be much greater than just a brewer, he wanted to be a mayor, or a king! He soon moved out of Hightide to start on his new journey.

The Saviours

The Saviours, the nation he created

On the left you can see the ruins of his old nation, the saviours, which was the nation that he left Hightide to create. Here he spent the majority of his time still brewing. He moved here with his unnamed friend, as they planned to take over Alathra and rule it. His friend repeatedly told Saviour that he was not anywhere near ready to be taking over the world, Soon after, Saviour left The Saviours, his unnamed friend then gave him fully maxed netherite armour as he set off for New Reno.

New Reno

This is Saviour's 3rd home, New Reno in USA
Ruins of his casino, where he spent most of his time.

Saviour found out about New Reno through his friend megadalon, who introduced him to PandaMaster, the king of New Reno. Saviour very quickly grew fond to New Reno as he made plans to build his casino after giving up his dream to rule the world. He stayed at New Reno for a very long time, even though his casino was never actually fully constructed. He watched the city rise, watched them fight against neighbouring sunspot, and watched them fall to unactivity. He, after a very long time at this city decided to leave for a new prosperous nation.


This is his current nation, he made a new friend, another walrus buddy called TylxrMD. He invited Saviour_Trooper to Charmont, he spoke about future plans and what they're planning on doing for the nation, and Saviour was amazed. He simply just couldn't turn down the offer and he very quickly moved to Ardeneux. He lives now in a humble home in the town centre, and he climbed his way up the ranks and he is now the Prime Minister of Ardeneux and a representative for them at the AIA.

This is his current town. Charmont, Ardeneux