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About ShadowOfRhonin

ShadowOfRhonin, or more often referred to as Shadow, is a member of Alathra. This page is written by me, Shadow, so from here on out I will write referring to myself in the first person.

I am a young Christian man. Most of my favorite pass times include video games, board games, anything music and writing lore. My age is unimportant, but I am under 18.

I joined Alathra in early 2022 and was a part of Eldia in the old world.


As I said, I am a Christian. Nazarene to be specific. I am adamantly Pro-Life in all stages of life, from the unborn child to the elderly.

I believe Homosexuality is a sin, however I do not hate anyone in the LGBTQ+ community as God created all of us in his image, and I believe there is salvation for all.

I believe the words of the book of Genesis, how the world and universe was created in six 24-hour days.