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Origin Story

The Starchildren were formed from a distinct lineage of varied cultures and species until they eventually came into one singular race with multiple subdivisions and religions. These groups of people are descended from the ancestors of the since extinct Pỹdorãma and their divine deities who continue to serve their role in the slowly passing recollection. Once scattered across the home realm of the Anama'Atan Yawara and Yasi, now scarcely survive in the close community settlement of Eclipsa.


The Starchildren culture is one of unique quality and varying life. Bound by the historical bonds they share, despite multiple differences, they are a compact family. As the home of the Anama'Atan Yawara and Yasi, Lunaria, had fallen, most either migrated to Eclipsa, died, or mysteriously went missing...

Despite this sad backstory, all has been well inside the walls of Peraselle, under Eclipsan protection since the last purge of their population.

Notable Starchildren

Eldric Graythorn

Eldric is an estimed organizer and Starholder of Eclipsa. His historic roots within the since fallen Lunaria runs deep as a veteran resident under the rule of Zoè De La Luna, the late Astrarch of the Syndicate of Celestiae. The only survivor since the departure of the Lunarian deity, Selēne, he now resides in Eclipsa as a popular citizen.

Sonna Lynn

Ms.Lynn is a kind and compassionate spirit who has a job in Eclipsa as the homeschool teacher. Her loving personality is one that attacts all and her view is respected by all. She may be on the older side of her fae-elf years, however that does not mean this woman is not capable of delivering serious damage to a testy individual's pride.

Niflynet Penell

Nett is a strange individual, simply appearing out of no where and gaining respect and popularity within Eclipsa. This man has proven over and over again his skills to become the heir to the throne of the Astrarch, which Bingi Fynnvar has been contemplating for many months.