Sword Saint Verdix

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300 years ago, when Blackfeld fell before the might of the Imperium, he was the last bastion, the last hope for its people. They named him Sword Saint, and his legacy lives on.

Sword Saint
The Atoned
OccupationCouncillor of Blackfeld
OrganizationOrder of the Atoned Blade Blackfeld
Known forTranscendental Sword Skills
Height7' 0"
TitleSword Saint

Birth & Childhood

Verdix began his life a normal human, a young boy infatuated with the sword, dreaming to join the prestigious Royal Guard. At the age of 4 he recieved his first training sword, and as early as 9 could match the Kingdom's finest swordsman. By 16 no one on the continent could beat him in a context of swords. By 25 his skill had become transcendent over the laws of space and time, able to hit opponents in the future and past, across impossible distance. Not much else is known about Verdix's early life, as much is oral tradition and most written histories were lost in the following wars.

A War of Scale Unpassed

250 years ago, a man came to the world of Alathra. Some modern day scholars are familiar with him, a man that struck terror into the hearts of most people the world over. Jharim Highmore. When he first came into this world, he was at the peak of his abilities, and it showed. When the Xaxklian Imperium was founded 240 years ago, Jharim led the charge in a brutal series of wars, known by scholars as the Xaxklian Unification Wars. All but one Kingdom, Blackfeld, had been conquered within 2 years of the wars start, due to the sheer tactical reasoning and power of Highmore. But Blackfeld presented a unique challenge for Jharim. His raw power fell flat in front of the absolute wall of skill known as Verdix. Eventually, he gave up, using all the power stored in the relic of the Voidcrown to raze Blackfeld to the ground, with Verdix included.

Forbidden Magics

A man in a tattered hood and tarnished silver armor slowly comes to. He takes a look around, before his eyes fall on a simple greatsword, about 5 and a half feet in length.

"I... Must.... Take.... My.... Birthright...." The man croaks out, his hand almost touching the grip, when a loud metallic clang rings out behind him.

A man in gunmetal gray armor, with an impossibly deep black energy surrounding him sneers at the man on the floor. His boot comes down on the others wrist, a sickening crunch resounding throughout the chamber.

"Still as resilient as before I see. You gave me great pain Verdix. The unification wars almost destroyed the paradise of Southern Prsata, and now look at it, a bloodstained wasteland. Your sins are many, and I alone will deliver your verdict."

Hate fills Verdix's eyes. He knew that voice. The man that transcended death, time, and space itself. The man he had foolishly fought against. The greatsword is kicked away, a fist landing in Verdix's chest.

"I will give you a choice, Verdix. I do not throw away useful assets like you because of petty squabbles. Join me, or...."

The man pulls out a strange metallic object, with purple energy filling six distinct tubes on a cylinder. He points the elongated end towards Verdix, who sighs and accepts the offer, left with no choice.

"Exceptional choice, Verdix. Now arise, sword saint, go forth upon the world, scourge the enemies of the fallen Imperium, and show no mercy. You are Verdix, the Atoned Blade, and you will be my presence in this world."

Verdix picked up the sword, filled with new found motivation. He would fight. After all, who could go against the man that single handedly brought death to its knees.


A sepulchural voice creeps out from a space in Verdix's mind, as he slowly comes to in a summoning sigil high atop a mighty fortress of steel and stone, rising out of the ocean depths.

"Your first assignment. Prove your worth to me. Prove that your sins are atoned. Execute my will in all things, so that I may be reborn again."

Verdix simply stood, and walked towards a balcony, looking forth into the waves. He clenches his fist, and vows to the voids between that he would prove his worthiness. He would regain his skill. He would prove to be a conduit for he who killed time to enter this world...

The remaining citizens of Dracheburc awoke from their night of much needed sleep, and began to scale the foot path up to the castle. A rotting gate crumbled under a combined effort of five men, and the small band of people continued through dim halls steeped in millitary tradition, every building a citadel that could weather a thousand battles. As they made their way up the tallest tower, they stopped, a pale blue light emanating from a chamber ahead. Gathering courage, they stepped inside, weapons drawn, only to find a man clad in silver armor and a cloth hood babbling on the floor, hands covering his face. The flurry of words emanating from his mouth spoke of a place named Blackfeld, which Vormaug assumed must be the name of this grand fortress, and of a man called Highmore, supposedly "beyond time and space itself", whatever that meant. This intrigued Vormaug, the ship he found from an expedition in the deserts of Prsata, a huge thing of steel and wood, one that made the world trembled in front of, bearing the man's name. The citizens continued listening, before the man shot up from the floor, a huge greatsword falling from the ceiling out of quickly closing void, and snatched up by the man.

"Who dare to ingress upon the sacred manufactoriums of the Imperium?"

The man on the floor spoke in a sepulchral voice, raspy, like it belonged to a body long past its age. The previously babbling, pathetic figure now towered above them, the space under its hood sporting twin blue specks, darting around and peering at the group around it. Other than that, it was infinite void. The mind of one citizen began to crumble from the mere sight of nothing, and threw himself out of a window.

"Answer me, lest I cut you down and depart you to the lands between. For I am Sword Saint Verdix, the atoned guardian of what was."

Alliance of the Old and New



Verdix's Godslaying Greatsword

A sword that managed to damage the armor of Jharim Highmore himself, this weapon boasts immense weight, capable of crushing the hardiest of armor. Impossible for Verdix to use effectively in his current state.

Verdix's Runeblade

A sword about five and a half feet in length, it offers Verdix an unparalleled mix of agility and power, due to the construction of mithril and its infusement with runes of quickening

Blackfeld Sword

A blade that had been mass produced in Blackfeld for hundreds of years before its downfall, the extremely aggresive cutting design was passed on to the modern era by Verdix


Space Sword

A sword technique that allows Verdix to cut at long range, greatly diminshed in his current form to a mere two feet of extra range.

Time Sword

A technique completley forgotten by Verdix, it allowed him to attack opponents at moments in the past or the future, causing seemingly inexplicable wounds to appear on his opponents body.

Godslaying Blade

Godslaying Blade, 1st Form, Heavensplitter

Verdix's ultimate technique, it has the power to split the skies themself, and the power to seriously injure even Gods. Completley lost to the modern era by the decay of time.

Godslaying Blade, 2nd Form, Hellcleave

The 2nd of Verdix's ultimate techniques, it cuts pockets directly into hell, spewing forth unimaginably hot flames. Currently almost entirely lost in the modern era, showing a fraction of its true power.

Godslaying Blade, 3rd Form, Kill

The 3rd and most powerful of Verdix's ultimate technique, it does just that; kill. A deceptively simple strike, it immediatley kills anything it strikes, and was never fully utilized by Verdix at his peak.