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Takara is a man with strange platinum hair, although he is young, its natural. He is rather skinny and shorter compared to others, at 5'5, and weighing at a light weight of 96, due to being malnourished as a kid, he never really had a appetite or a real drive to try to gain some pounds. Takara usually has a mask on that frequently changes colors.

Takara's Early Days

Takara was born in Sun Peak to the current noble family, his father, the lord of Sun Peak was rather corrupt and extremely abusive. At the age of 7, the current king of Solis, Miles was investigating Sun Peak and exiled the lord, he pitied the child and took him in and raised him as his younger brother.

At the age of 10, with the threat of war on all sides and Miles being the justification for the war, gave Takara a one last goodbye before naming him the King, and disappearing.

Over the years Takara would train in magic and he found out something about his lineage, for his ancestors were storm elements, beings of wind and lightning, while this gives him powerful wind and lightning magics, the oldest his family can live up to is 30, which is a scary thought for him. He decides to push on, and with long conversation’s and letters to his friend, Tar, he would join the FCA, during his time he acted as a spy in the UCCR under Mega ( I will admit, that was a mistake ), and he participated in the first crusade against Pater Carnis. Takara, Tar, ( and whatever the hell Spicys character name is ) created plans for a political party, advocating for more centralization and a Monarch. When Vyzia left the FCA, the stability left with them, and the FCA went to shit. During this time the Second Crusade on Pater Carnis happened and he participated in it. However, during the battle Melevor passed, and with him, the revolution. The UCCR transformed into an Empire, and seeing a chance, a coup d'etat happened and a war between the Solaris Empire, possessing most of the former FCA land, and the FCA with a lot of outside support. In the conflict Tar passed and Takara was temporarily named the King of Silva as well. But when a peace was drawn the continent was split almost in half between the two sides, and Silva was taken as more of a puppet state into the FCA.

Takara Now

With the war over, after he got the call for magic users to save magic in Alathra, he joined without hesitation, and became a teacher. He was not there at the bombing, he slept in.

Takara, with the memories of fallen friends and those he considered family, he moves on, trying to be a good man. With a son with a spouse who has passed, he refuses to let harm come to that child... but he has stumbled upon a tome that tempts him along with a older spirit... he might find it difficult.

Weaponry and Powers

Takara possesses powerful illusion magic and wind magics, and could soon learn powerful lightning magics, but they are as powerful as he is creative.

Possessing Treasure Hunt, a powerful bow that was one of the few things Miles felt to him besides the kingdom, making him a tricky opponent.

Omnia's Blessing, a very powerful sword, said to be forged by Omnia herself, a very powerful and deadly sword, especially to the unholy