Takumi Mountain (settlement)

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Location of Takumi Mountain

Takumi Mountain (Creeper Mountain) is a settlement in Prasata.

The settlement was created by the player MikeyNC and as of November 20th of 2023 has four inhabitants. This settlement is integrated in the Prasata Bay Alliance as one of the founders, but is not a part of any nation. Takumi Mountain has been built on the side (and inside) of a mountain that is hugged by jungle and thin forest biomes. The original custom biome was moss and leaf, but has since been terraformed by its inhabitants.

Important Builds

There are several builds at Takumi Mountain that all follow a similar theme. The most integral are undoubtedly the shrine(s) that are spread throughout the territory, and even outside of it throughout the land of Prasata.

As of November 20th, the landmarks listed have been heavily changed, and there have been more created.

Shrine of Ancient Dragons and Spirit Tree of Eclipse - July 21st
Birds-eye view of Takumi Mountain showing the Shrine of Ancient Dragons and Spirit Tree of Eclipse as of July 21st, 2023.

Shrine of Ancient Dragons

This build is at the top of the mountain and is where the Settlement originally began. The original build which is in the old July photo was constructed of cobblestone, but the new one is a full on shrine based off of real Japanese Shinto Shrines. The build is where the main spawn is located, and has the lore book located, along with references to future/past plot points. The build is very important, and Ironically, is the only build that has been finished on Takumi Mountain so far.

Spirit Tree of Eclipse

This build is at the peak of the mountain and towers over the previously mentioned Shrine of Ancient Dragons. This is a custom made tree that has been made with oak wood, birch leaves, mangrove leaves, azalea leaves, and oak leaves. The tree has vines and chains that hang from it with soul lanterns across branches and near its roots. There is an Item frame that can hold items important to roleplay events here. Often times, there has been events solely happen at this tree. Not shown in the image, due to its old age, there are two signs on the tree that have been placed as wishes by two players' characters.


Takumi Mountain is heavily inspired culture wise by China and Japan, its legends leaning onto Journey To The West and its many iterations throughout the years. There is references to the Chinese literature in multiple parts of the Mountain's lore. Japanese inspiration comes in the building styles being based on traditional housing in Japan and in much of the customs. These factors influence how the Mountain is different from its surrounding towns, and is the reason that a lot of the lore book at the peak of the mountain has both Japanese language and a more custom language in its contents.

Words and their meanings
Japanese Chinese Manji

(Fictional Language)

Zo (象) |


Xiao (箫) |

Traditional Flute

Maoko |


Takumi (匠) | Creeper G'Jin | Golden
Haku ( 吐く)

To cough or to vomit.

Y'Kin | Silver
Niishik | Eclipse

(Refers to continent Prasatan in writing)

Lore of Takumi Mountain

The lore of Takumi Mountain is hard to find through the game as is intended by the writer of it. However, the discord of the town has teasers and more information. Citing from the lore of the discord server and the in game lore available, there are about 4 stories currently available.

As from Takumi Mountain in game.

Takumi Mountain's origin story focusses on two demon brothers being given a second chance to redeem themselves to heaven, becoming The West Dragons.

Origin Story

When rain fell from the sky with the force of thousands of men, carved from a rocky prison was a mountain, where two demon brothers had been imprisoned for their past sins. Both of the brothers saw something different in their first moments of consciousness, of freedom from their past sins.

The first brother was facing the East of the mountain, watching as light richer than the colour gold filtered through the clouds with the rising sun, showing him the beauty of a new start, a new day for the peace of humanity's continued growth.

The second brother was facing the West of the mountain, admiring the streams of silver stars fading into the brightening skies as the moon reflected the beauty of previous light, showing him the need for second chance of beauty to be shared.

The siblings both had seen different parts of the world's phenomena, but had the same ideals of building a new life with this freedom given to them by heaven's kindest. The brother who saw the sunrise was restless, building homes and paths around the mountain side for him to wake up to the glowing rays every morning, and so that demons who rose from the ground after him would have places to go. Meanwhile the brother who saw the moon resign itself dug deep into the mountains, for any demons who were set free would be able to live somewhere not too bright, to have somewhere to admire the beauty of the world even without the sun or moon to guide their paths.

As they built, the world changed over and over, until they were too old to continue their developments. Neither brother had moved from the mountains after their freeing, but neither felt bitter for spending their life together building for generations they'd never see. As they began to wither from age, the Heavenly Court judged the brothers' work harshly, but came to the conclusion that the demons had repented for what sins they'd done in youth. Their developments were for others to encounter, but for them to never benefit from, true generosity and a will for a cycle to continue. As a gift to the brothers, they were allowed to reincarnate as dragons, so long as they promised to uphold their values.

With rebirth of their previous lives memories into fresh bodies, the brothers became known as G'Jin Sukon and Y'Kin Lihou, the Goldenscale and Silverscale dragons of The West respectively. With this third chance for their repenting, the brothers both found family, friends, and importantly, love.

There's no clear signs if this story is correct, fiction, true or not, but there's nothing to deny that it has heavily inspired the culture (or what remains) of Takumi Mountain.

Legend of Miyan

A book written by MikeyNC, the story goes over how a Dragon girl matured and became a healer. It introduces the concept of presenting, of other towns, the belief of said other towns, and the idea that Dragons didn't just live in the South. The book is purchasable.

The story goes that the Girl Miyan was tasked with helping the small town of Karin from falling apart, and in her struggles, she learned to become a healer. She then moved to travelling and helping other areas, which eventually lead her to the north. In the north, she helped a kingdom get over a sickness, and fell in love with a princess named Maria who could not be cured. She would be blamed by the Princess' Father for her death after the sickness claimed Maria, and Miyan, despite her contributions to the kingdom, was locked up and tortured.

Maria became a spirit guide for Miyan and helped her move on in life, where she forgave the Kingdom and moved on in her life. Miyan never found a new partner.


A book currently being written by MikeyNC that develops the idea of the small town Karin and the culture there. It also follows the idea of other Dragons splitting off from Takumi Mountain. The book is likely to be scrapped, or be put into two parts, due to the length of it.

Death of Dragons

Takumi are demons that have not repented for their sins that grow from the ground like weeds, and can only be killed by the purest of intentions, or by the edge of a dragon scale blade. Takumi and Dragons are very connected, however, do not do well together with their destructive nature towards each other. Takumi means 'homewrecker', to which describes the Death of Dragons. Takumi Mountain has not been inhabited by dragons for almost two decades, but despite this, the culture and literature has been dying for longer.

The birth of TakuHaku has been unknown causes, but after the SilverScale Brother mysteriously disappeared, it began to affect the entire population.

The cause of this sudden population decline is the disease known as Takuhaku (or Takuhaki), which means to Cough Takumi. The disease is magical in nature, due to the fact that this only affects dragon species that has inhaled Takumi ash. Takumi ash in itself is not harmful, but if inhaled repeatedly by a dragon, once ash is inside of their lungs, they will begin to cough, with no relief of the ash in their chest.

Takumi ashes grow into Mountain Blooms, which by themselves are bushes that can grow special flowers. In lungs however, the ashes can grow into these bushes, which with correct conditions, will turn into trees. This is the leading cause for death from Takuhaku, and there has not been a case cured once. Dragons young and old can contract it, and while it is not able to be spread from dragon to dragon, it is rare for one to admit having the disease due to the shame of being tainted by a demon like a Takumi, making one seem impure or sinful by belief. Every tree on Takumi Mountain is of an old dragon's body that has died from Takuhaku, and depending on how many pink flowers there are, can show how far into the disease they were until it claimed them.