Thaddeus The Corrupt

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IGN: MiniGolem9087

Character Name: Thaddeus

Nickname: Thaddeus the Corrupt

Character Age (15-1000): 273

Appearance: A man, covered in what looks like gold, but gray? he appears covered in this bluish purple substance with glowing spots, some say something it moves around while on his skin. His clothes have gone from fabulous to peasant quality, being ripped and torn and the die expiring due to the years of not being able to be cared for.

Background: A man of glory, used to be rich with a plethora of different golds and gems. He ended up finding a cave that seemed to go very deep, he sent miners down there, but saw they didn't come back, him thinking the miners were enjoying riches by themselves, went down himself, he found the miners as skeletons, and the sculk was hungry... he gained cursed immortality from this sculk. This immortality, he calls it cursed because he says "all I am able to do is watch all my loved ones, all my allies, all my townsfolk, I can only watch them die."

Does your character have any specific talents?: He still remembers a decent bit about alcohol from one of his best people, one of his monks, who brewed a pretty good whiskey.

What is your character's weakness?: he has fear of the combination of a dark blue and anything glowing with a slight blue tint.

What are your characters current goals?: He wishes to just live in peace among others, and let people know the sculk, despite making him look like a pale monster, was now calm.

Associations in Alathra: none. All his associations, he had to watch them die.

Desc: He uses a scythe from his farmer due to his farmer being one of his best friends back then while farming. He farms now as well as making alcohol, just to remember the farmer. He also used to hallucinate due to the sculk, but it cleared up a bit and he can see ṇ̴͉̈́͂̕͜ó̸̻̳͠͠͝ͅr̵̦͉͕̪̂̆̀̕m̵͔̻̐͐a̴͕̻̬͍̓͐l̴̨͖̮̮̀̿̐̕l̵͍̫̅̈͂y̴̘͗̌͆̃ now.

Man being given scythe during war
Thaddeus being handed a scythe from his farmer before they die.