The Calgaska

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Calgaskan is the name for a group of humans from distant shores; there are a few non-humans who have become a part of the culture, but it is still predominantly human. In the old world the Calgaskans were mainly split between two groups, the Varna and the Shauna. The Varna were those who lived in the cities and towns, permanent residents of the wondrous places.The Shauna were those who traveled, usually moving between the cities as the seasons changed. Both groups were viewed with equal importance; the Varna maintained the cities and grew crops, while the Shauna brought trade goods and news between the cities. This also made it easier for them to sustain their population despite the limited resources in their lands.

Astronomy played an important role in the Calgaskans' society. The Shauna would often use the stars as a guide in their travels, and in the cities the brightness of the moon often would determine how much time one could spend awake after the sun had set. Many Calgaskan cities were built with the intention to watch the stars, with academies being built with high towers for observatories.

Apart from astronomy and trade, some of the important jobs in Calgaskan society were water collectors who would use nets to collect morning dew, potters who made most of the storage, drinking and eating vessels for the people, weavers whose bright and beautiful textiles always gave life to the cities, farmers who produced as much food as they possibly could with what little fertile soil they had, and herders who brought the goats and cattle that provided most of the people's food and clothes.

The Calgaskan lands were led by individual leaders who had been selected for wisdom or skill. But all answered to the three Queens, who collectively decided most of the important affairs of the nation, they were typically viewed as fair and just.

The choice to send a group to the new frontier was made after several very bad drought years had limited resources greatly for the people of Calgaska, many were glad to gain the new experience. But for all, avoiding starvation was just as equally inspiring as any other reason to leave. Unfortunately a terrible storm overtook the fleet of colonists scattering the ships across the new frontier. Some were lucky enough to reach land safely. But many of the Calgaskan ships still litter the ocean floor where the water pulled them under.