The City of Truth

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The City Of Truth

 A Romanic Account By:
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The following account is a separate chronicle pertaining to the "Rome: A History" series, and should be classified as a historical document opposed to a romantic retelling.

The City Of Truth

On August 14, a wise old traveller by the name of KlassicMC told the Roman's of an ancient land, a foreign land far to the south, that was home to a library of as old as Alathra itself: Kais Kogong. And so 4 brave Romans: Goddard_IV, FaronMars, AmpWaves, and SteviusBlockius agreed to follow KlassicMC to this city of truth. The company left the sub-tropical flora of Rome and entered into glacerial waters. They past the fortress of Stormwind and bent south-east toward the Middle Isles. From there they reached a snow-capped island, and started making there way up its bitter slopes. At its peak there lay a dark temple, kept aglow by the damned portal that corrupted it. There was an obvius wrongness about the place. They were making there way down the eastern slopes when SteviusBlockius shouted "DEMONS!" as a drove of winged hellions descended upon the group. Goddard swung his mighty blade upon the creatures as Stevius let fly arrows from his bow. When the battle ended KlassicMC made lodgings in a small dugout, and the company rested for the night. Come morning, the group came to the decision that the portal is best to be closed, and so they made there way back toward the dark temple. The group was breaking away the portals foundation when Goddard_IV disappeared down a trapped well below the temple. The group was panicked, but SteviusBlockius lept down the pit and started building Goddard_IV and himself back to the surface. They returned to ground level to discover that the wise man had disappeared. It seemed that for unknown reasons he retreated into the portal and was now victim to the underworld. Nonetheless, the group entered in hopes of returning KlassicMC to the mortal realm. The underworld was a hot rugged landscape of magma and demonic stone, but the group luckily made it through unscathed. They found the wise man seeking shelter in a small cavern, and pleaded for him to leave for the portal. He reluctantly accepted. They retured to the surface world, as Goddard IV told the company "Let us leave this cursed place." They set sail once more toward Kais Kogong. The group followed the southern coast, spotting several passing vessels. They veered into open sea, and came upon an undersea geyser. There boats capsized, as the group was divided in half. SteviusBlockius and Goddard_IV spotted land and started making there way ashore. They reached a small secluded outpost, and were soon joined with AmpWaves once more. The fates of FaronMars and KlassicMC were unknown to them. Stevius and Goddard commandeered a nearby ship and set course for Kais Kogong. They came upon the coast, and followed an inlet southward. Kais Kogong was glistening in the distance. The arduous pilgrimage was over. Upon the docks of Kais Kogong, SteviusBlockius and Goddard_IV were reunited with Ampwaves and FaronMars as the company browsed the local merchandise. KlassicMC was all but lost to sea. The group came upon the great library of Kais Kogong, an architectural marvel, and a place of great spiritual importance. They wandered its vast halls and corridors, as SteviusBlockius began recalling the voyage that had taken place. It was then that KlassicMC returned to the group, who rejoiced in his presence. The company was reunited once more. Kais Kogong, City of Truth.