The First War

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The First War

Portrayal of Rhumish Soldiers marching to Kylindor
DateMarch 19, 1 AC – March 27, 1 AC
Kylindor, Adelaar
Result Kylindorian Victory
Removal of forts within Sunderboren and Rhumish territory, Rhumish annexation of abandoned Sunderboren territory.
Rhumish Principalities Sunderboren

The First War refers to the war between the nations of Sunderboren and Rhumlaantd that took place on 1 AC, or the year 500 NG per the Rhumish calendar. It lead to the destruction of both nations and had major implications to the history of Adelaar, pushing it into a new age.


The independent principalities of Rhumlaantd and the nation of Sunderboren had lived peacefully for most of their history, they lived and traded with each other regularly and generally had good relations. However, this changed as it seemed that Rhumlaantd was going to unite into a single political entity. It was this that sparked the leader of Sunderboren of the time, Elidyr of Cathalos, to approach the ruler of Aakhan to form an alliance with the Rhumish states. It was generally agreed upon by the Rhumish nobles that an alliance would be beneficial to both sides, so they agreed to sign. On March 12, 1 AC, the nobles of Sunderboren and Rhumlaantd gathered in Cathalos to sign the treaty, Elidyr signed and Sigeric Ehlsonn (at the time var Ehlsyn) signed as witness. Sigefraed II, ruler of Aakhan, was called away and promised to sign at a later date.

It was not longer after this that the troops of Kylindor decided to siege the town of Gnibelhaym after they pledged their support for the town of Nova Ballguardia, a town that had settled and was harassing and murdering citizens of Sunderboren in their own land. The siege of Gnibelhaym was a victory for the Gnomes, as the famed goblin Trembor the Terrible singlehandedly fought off the band of warriors Kylindor had sent. It was not this event alone that sparked the war, the Rhumish simply asked for compensation from Sunderboren after the actions of the Kylindorians, and they entered negotiations on how this could be provided.

As talks went on, another crisis arose. Kylindor had approached the principality of Duutsland, and attempted to bribe them into joining Sunderboren. The secrecy of this offer and the fact that Duutsland was one of the most loyal Rhumish principalities made this a great insult to the Rhumish, and to get back at the Kylindorians the Duuts took the money and refused the offer. This caused the Kylindorians to set up a fort in the north of Duutsland, and the Rhumish responded by doing the same outside of Kylindor. Tensions were rising and Sigeric Ehlsyn, acting as diplomat for Rhumlaantd, demanded that Elidyr do something about the Kylindorians within his nation. Talks between Elidyr and Sigeric went on for months, but no progress was made. As they realised they were going nowhere, they ended talks and readied for war.

Course of the war

On March 19, Rhumlaantd declared war on Kylindor. It was emphasised to the people of Sunderboren that the only target of the conflict was the town of Kylindor, and that the boreans were not enemies of the Rhumish. The demands were that the leaders of Kylindor were to be removed and exiled from the continent and that friendly leadership was to be placed within the town. Soon after the declaration many raids were made on the town of Kylindor, men and women were slaughtered in the streets by the Rhumish, and resistance was almost none existant.

Siege of Kylindor

The raids went on for a long time, until the Rhumish officially set siege to the fort within Kylindor. The siege was long, but eventually the Rhumish broke into the fort and captured it. However their victory was short, as the Kylindorians broke back into the fort and slaughtered the entire group of Rhumish soldiers. The remaining forces retreated and fell back to the Rhumish fort. The Siege had decimated the strength of the Rhumish army, and they could no longer maintain offensive operations. They prepared for a siege of their homeland, but before that could happen talks opened between the Rhumish and the Kylindorians. An agreement was made that Rhumlaantd would pay the town of Kylindor 70k, and both forts would be removed from each other's territory. The payment was made and the war between the two nations ended.


The war had taken a heavy toll on the nation of Sunderboren, by the time of wars end only the towns of Aelfscyn, Kylindor, Eocgarborg and Cathalos survived and the latter two would soon fall later on.