The Holy Angels of Ermias

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The Holy Angels of Ermias (āmharinyan: ērimiyasi k’idusani mela’ikiti) is a religion formed in the town of Al Avhastan.

Based on the story of the warrior Ermias, who fought during the Great Alathran War, on the side of the Federation of Arith. Before dying to wounds caused in battle, he wrote down the last 3 days he experienced, so his memory would be shared on. This note was later found by a merchant named Konjit Ahmedin, who compiled it into the "Avhastan Vision", the vision being Al Avhastans bible.

The Vision


"The start of the Great Alathran War"

Ermias, soldier of the great Federation of Arith, has been summoned from his family home to defend his great nation. A brave warrior defending the towns of Romanus Silva and Castle Nevermore, ultimately leading to no avail.

After devastating losses in Pyrrhus and and Blocksberg, many of the nations soldiers left the forces.


"The Angels of Ermias"

Ermias was struggling. Being one of the only soldiers defending his nation, he was putting his life at great risk.

The night before the siege of Savage Crow, Ermias was suddenly awoken. Six beautiful Angels stood outside his tent, speaking to him.

  • ANGELS: We are they who see, we are they who protect.
  • ANGEL ONE: Are you honest to answer us?
  • ERMIAS: Yes, I am.
  • ANGEL TWO: Are you devoted to protectng your land, family and friends?
  • ERMIAS: Yes, I am.
  • ANGEL THREE: Are you selfless?
  • ERMIAS: Yes, I am.
  • ANGEL FOUR: Are you righteous?
  • ERMIAS: Yes, I am.
  • ANGEL FIVE: Are you not afraid?
  • ERMIAS: No, I am not.
  • ANGEL SIX: Do you promise to tell each soul, deprived of all hope, about our visit?
  • ERMIAS: Yes, I promise.
  • ANGELS: For your life you shall not worry. We are with you, always.

The morning after this strange visit, Ermias told all of his comrades about it. None of them believed it, however. They all held Ermias for a crazy man. None of them were as dedicated as Ermias was.


"They who see, are they who protect"

In the siege of Savage Crow, Ermias saw all of his remaining comrades fall. The town was heavily fortified, therefore leading to another devastating loss. Ermias had to flee. If he wanted to tell others about the Six Angels, it was his only option. But of course, he was followed. The Elyrians were desperate for blood, each drop of it empowered them.

The Elyrians ship crashed into Ermias' boat, turning it upside down and throwing him into the water. The Elyrians losing sight of him, counted him as dead and the ultimate siege of Savage Crow as yet another victory.

Suddenly, horrifying screams were heard from the ships sleeping quarters. As if thousands of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. The 10 soldiers, who were standing on the main deck, looked to the stairs. Whom they saw, was none other than Ermias, behind him flying Six armed Angels.

Before attacking, Ermias kept uttering the words "protect life" in āmharinyan. Charging at the Elyrians the angels followed close behind him. Ermias suffered many wounds in this very fight, however with the power of the Six Angels, he was unstoppable.

The ship crashed onto a small deserted island due to nobody stearing it. Ermias and the Six Angels had killed the entire crew of the ship. Ermias was slowly succumbing to his wounds and had difficulty breathing. He jumped onto the small island, dragging the ship onto shore by the anchor.

Sitting on the sand at the bow of the ship, he used his last strength to write down these last three days. Ermias ultimately died to his wounds, however feeling hopeful and proud.

His note was discovered almost a year later, by a merchant.


The Six Angels were later nicknamed:

  • The Angel of truth,
  • The Angel of devotion,
  • The Angel of selflessness,
  • The Angel of righteousness,
  • The Angel of bravery,
  • and the Angel of hope and promise.

They are those who see, and those who protect.

"We believe in reward and strength by the Holy Angels of Ermias, if the characteristics are met. They see our fullfilment, they see us in times of need, and come to our protection."