The Siege of Lothridge

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The siege of Lothridge was a forced retreat by the Lothridgian forces into their homeland territory after the catastrophic defeat and forced routing at the Battle of New Reno. This would be the closest an army had ever gotten to sieging Lothridge. It is known for the Preemptive hope of the fossores and New Reno forces that peace could be found, as well as the massive embarrassment this was for Aquendavia. This is the most recent global conflict fought, with three continental superpowers in Fossores, Elyria and Aquendavia.

What happened

Lothridge is situated on two hills between a river, giving it massive defence. This only made it harder on the Fossorian and New reno forces, already overextended. Historians today generally recommend that They should have held New Reno and made increased fortifications around the city for a second siege, then received the supplies desperately needed and charge with a fresh resupply. The leader of Lothridge was easily able to hold the city and the army couldn't even cross the walls. Pretty soon the elyrian forces arrived and then things went haywire. It is said that the Fossores general barely escaped with his life, whilst all the other army members lost all their gear, which put them in a bad depression. There was nothing anybody could do to stop the invasion of New Reno, the sacking of the USA and The full annexation. Because of this close call, Lothridges leader respected New Reno, as an incorporated member of Aquendavia.