The Solar System

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The Solar System is the system of planetary bodies orbiting the Sun. The structure of the system was first described by the Porzhan Institute of Science and Technology, whose work has been important to gather knowledge about celestial objects near to Alathra.


Below are the four known large planets, in order of closest to furthest from the sun.

  • Koedha: A barren red planet scarred with craters and fault-lines. This planet has a large planetary ring system which causes the planet to look like a ball of red mist from the ground. Koedha is barely visible for most of the Alathran year due to Baots' matching orbit.
  • Baot: A pale green gas giant, with streaks of gold in its atmosphere.
  • Alathra: Our planet, the name known by all but no one quite knows where it comes from. A continental planet with 89% ocean.
  • Gwa'lenn: A frozen planet, far from the sun and hardly visible from Alathra. Amateur astrologists claim to have seen movement and flashes of light from its surface. This has mostly been debunked as current technology cannot possibly see the surface of the planet, and no lights have been detected by the Institute