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DzienysSon is a son of infamous leader of Rehirian Civic State named Dzienys He was born not long after GWWII in Ehir, after the fall of first Ehir he went on some traveling around Alathra World and found Mandalorian culture that he cultivated in his adulthood. After his father left Jotunstan he came back to Ehir to help his father reapair the fallen city.

He became a leader of Ehir after the passing of his father, then he forged his first Green-Red-Yellow Mandalorian Armor. He renamed the city to Mandolor and called himself The First Mandalor. Unfortunetly Mandolor didnt work out and DzienysSon now lives in Coldfront-Arcadia

He have a beef with the friends of his father.He dont like how Syzmo and the rest destroyed Seorvis Tribe vision of Dzienys and KreVor.