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“A system of government should not be founded on the ideals of an individual, but rather the ideals of a people” -Shil0

First Rank General Shil0 of the Fossores Republic, or Shil0 is not as popular as his peers just above him in the rank of government, however Shil0 has a very important role in the creation of the Fossores Republic. As one of the founding fathers and one of the writers of the constitution, Shil0 has a love for his nation like one would love a son or daughter.

Early Career:

After joining the server, Shil0 quickly found shelter in Blocksburg, a town in the Fossores Republic. During his time in the town he struck up a friendship with Arrested Zeus the now Vice President of Fossores Republic. During this time in Blocksburg, Shil0 sat back and observed the every day goings on of the server and began to meet new people. it was during this time Shil0 began the Blocksburg museum and library, he wrote his own book on Siege warfare within the boundaries of minecraft, and began to follow the teachings of Sol which was presented to him through Dabreadking. During his time in Blocksburg he met the president of the Republic, Stampy (aka Flat Face) and he began to be of interest to the new government. Shil0 got new players online and started to organize the other players, showing leadership. Also around this time, Shil0 would begin his military career.

Military Career: