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GrimTheRedWolf Both Mc and discord user name. Nickname: Grim

GrimTheRedWolf joined Alathra in July 19th, 2021. He has had a minor influence in events of Alathra 1, but little to no influence in Alathra 2.

He has played serval characters during his time in Alathra, from Cult Villians, a fallen King, extra dimensional entity to fish man and a homosexual minotaur. He has led 4 towns during his entire time on Alathra, founding 3 of them. On top of that he was in another 5 towns, totaling being in 9 towns.

In his long time of being on Alathra, he has only had 2 moderator logs. One for minor griefing, and another for hard crashing the server with wolves (It was an accident).

Grim has been known for his lore and shenanigans during his time on Alathra and was decently recognised by the more 'long-term' players. Due to his long time with the server, he has also been recognised as an OG.

He has been credited for writing great lore, good building and good art work. This mainly makes up for his lack of PvP skills as he is not good in fights.

Grim's lore writing has significantly improved over the time he has been on Alathra. This can be credited to constant work on it, learning from other lore writers in the server and taking back criticism. The last point is what most helped. During a story arc headed by Grim, which involved ex-Alathra members, many mistakes were made and errors pointed out. Grim has learnt from these mistakes and aims to avoid making them again, shaping future lore and interactions for the better.

However, like many others, Grim has been less active as of recent. This has been due to Irl reasons such as school as well as burnout and no motivation.

Titles held - Lord of Wolves - King of Nothing - Wiki Council

Trivia - When the Wiki Council was around Grim was one of the members. This will probably be the closest he will get to being a staff member. - There is an inside joke that Grim and Sherman have a child that is a chicken called Peach - Due to irl reasons, it's joked that Grim is the nephew of former member Aglarian. - Before it was nerfed and removed, Grim would grind taming and was once top at it.